Dallas Teachers Approve New Contract, Bringing Lengthy Dispute Closer to an End

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DALLAS, Pa. -- Luzerne County’s longest running school district contract dispute is one step closer to ending.

Teachers in the Dallas School District approved of the new contract after four years of strikes and rancorous negotiations.

On Sunday, the school board will vote on the contract.

Breanne Shay has a six year old at Wycalis Elementary and was ecstatic to hear the news.

“I'm thrilled that she's going to be not having to worry about strikes - stopping school, starting school, back and forth. I'm happy that it could be over,” Shay said.

Members of the teachers union approved the contract by an almost unanimous vote. The new deal was worked out by a mediator together with representatives from the school board and the teachers union.

“When this comes to an end I can focus on the more important things now - not that this isn't important - which is teaching the kids here at Dallas and getting back to work,” Dallas Teachers Union President Mike Cherinka said.

Teachers wouldn't go into all the details of the new contract but they said it would be eight years long and they're satisfied with the financials. Three years of the contract would be retroactive.

“The mood I think is a little more upbeat today - but we have to wait and see what the board does,” Cherinka said.

“It would be great if it could finally just be over,” Shay said.

The school board plans to vote on the new contract Sunday night at 7 p.m.


  • tvviewer44816377

    The taxpayers are paying for this contract and as a result have every right to know what the specific details are. The teachers and the board are essentially saying to the taxpayers: “Close your eyes and open your wallets”.

  • Frank The Lunatic

    Of course they won’t reveal the details – because the teachers probably got their way — Unlike the rest of us hard working people, many of which make well under what teachers make, in other words, all of us people who make between say, $9 and $12/hr and still have to pay for medical benefits and deductibles and co-pays — these teachers make anywhere from $45k to $70k a year and Don’t Want To Pay ANYTHING into their benefits, and don’t want co-pays and deductibles, and they want to pay next to nothing towards family coverage. And of course many get the summer off where they can collect unemployment or partial unemployment while they work little part-time jobs. And let’s not forget the fact that they are getting 3 years of back pay at the new rate, as well, but they sit and cry and say that they cannot afford to live and they don’t get paid fairly… Wah Wah Wah…

  • jsrant

    All you teachers should of been fired years ago. Your nothing but greedy S.O.Bs. I just hope my mom doesn’t loose her home because of you crap.
    Vote for Sue Henry.

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