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After Masonic Building Collapse, Questions In Berwick

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BERWICK, Pa. --  Thursday morning brought a steady stream of people, checking out what is left of the back end of a building on the corner of Market and Second Streets in Berwick following a partial collapse Wednesday afternoon.

Crews were called in to deal with the mess. Assessing the damage, figuring out what happened and how much of the building to demolish.

"It's a beautiful building, it's a beautiful building, it's been used for a lot of things over the years. The masons used to meet on the third floor of that building for years and years."

A marker on the front reads 'Masonic Building' 1905.

"The owner of the building has always made it very substantial and structurally sound. So, it's just an unusual unfortunate accident that happened here in Berwick," says Joe Siecko.

Some we spoke with here in Berwick who remember this building their entire lives say what's happening is sad.

Laura Penles of Berwick says, "It's a little loss of history, it's kind of sad because it's been there so long and the family that's owned it and has taken care of it all these years is a good family and I feel bad for them because they have to deal with all this. Also that there were people hurt."

The Berwick fire chief tells us demolition won't start until at least 2 p.m. Thursday.

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