Folks in Luzerne County are Helping People and Pets from Hurricane Zone

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DALLAS, Pa. -- Blue Chip Animal Refuge is helping animals from the hurricane zone.

The shelter in Dallas took 10 dogs in from a high kill shelter in North Carolina that was in the path of the storm and some pups already have homes in Luzerne County.

"Not only am I saving a life but now they're not going to be displaced because of bad weather," said Suzanne Stebbins, who adopted a dog from the hurricane zone.

Of the 10 dogs that have come in from North Carolina, seven of them have already been adopted but three are still looking for their forever homes.

"We do it all the time. Definitely. Whenever there's a major catastrophe we really try to jump in even if it's a local shelter we'll take some of their dogs until they can take them back," said Cordie Braun.

David Maslar from Nanticoke is also gearing up to help people in a different way in the hurricane zone.

"For hazardous tree removal, it's my specialty. I just understand the cuts and the pressure and with 15 years experience of doing hazardous tree removal, I'm in a good position to help," said David Maslar.

Maslar owns a tree cutting company and says, for him, this trip is personal. He lived in Wilmington, North Carolina for five years and wants to help his friends there in any way possible.

"For the devastation to hit them I really feel bad about it. I'll go down there and I'll help the best I can."

Blue Chip Animal Refuge is taking in up to 10 more dogs from the hurricane zone later this week.

Meanwhile, David Maslar will be heading down to South Carolina to lend a helping hand this weekend. He is also collecting water bottles and non-perishable food for his trip. To donate, you can call him at 570-690-8835.

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