Nanticoke Municipal Authority to Acquire Properties Through Eminent Domain

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NANTICOKE, Pa. -- The Nanticoke Municipal Authority plans to acquire several buildings on the city's Main Street to convert them into senior living apartments.

Mary Lou Pomicter of Nanticoke received a notice in the mail from the Nanticoke Municipal Authority about a week ago. It said the authority plans to take over her property and several others on the 100 block of East Main Street using eminent domain. She is not happy.

"We're going to fight the eminent domain," Pomicter said. "I don't think this is right. I don't think the town has the right to just take our property without paying us, without discussing with us at all."

Newswatch 16 spoke to the Nanticoke Municipal Authority's solicitor who said the property owners will be compensated for their properties.

He said the plan is to build a five-story mixed-use facility including apartments for seniors and an area on the bottom of the building for people to catch the bus. The solicitor said the project is a part of a larger plan to revitalize Main Street.

Several of the buildings in that section have apartments above them. Pomicter said there are about 15 to 20 people who would have to move.

"They were a little scared because they came to me yesterday," Pomicter said. "I says, 'Listen to me. You let me handle it. We will tell you as things happen. I will let you know what is going on.'"

Chiropractor Dale Reams has run his office out of one of the buildings on that block of East Main Street for 30 years. He is not opposed to selling his property. He just wants more information.

"I'm hearing stories that we're holding out or that I'm holding out," Reams said. "How can I hold out? Nobody has even approached me to make me an offer. If the offer is right, I will go, but if it is not, I will be joining those people over there because I have a lot invested here."

The property owners said they are seeking the help of a lawyer to fight the eminent domain.

The municipal authority's solicitor said once the deal is finalized, the project will move forward quickly.

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