Teacher’s Home in Wyoming County Raided by FBI

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FACTORYVILLE, Pa. -- The FBI raided the home of a teacher in Wyoming County Monday morning.

Neighbors in this part of Factoryville tell Newswatch 16 FBI agents arrived at a home on Church Street and Riverside Drive in the borough in Wyoming County just after 11 a.m.

According to neighbors, those FBI agents were there for about two hours, executing a search warrant.

Neighbors noticed FBI agents at the home and started taking photos from across the street. According to neighbors, Lisa Vallone owns the home and lives there with her son, and possibly, her boyfriend.

The Lackawanna Trail superintendent confirmed to Newswatch 16 that Vallone is a teacher in the school district.

It is unclear who was the target of the raid, but FBI agents told neighbors they were executing a search warrant.

"As I came out, I talked to one of the FBI agents. I just wanted to make sure they were OK, due to the fact that I have four children in my house," said Rob Santarelli. "He said, 'We have a search warrant. Everything's OK. Go back in your house.' From there, that's where we were at."

Neighbors say this is a quiet neighborhood, and the events that unfolded created some attention. Neighbors say FBI agents were there for about two hours bringing boxes into and out of the home.

Video shows an FBI agent putting paperwork in one box. In another photo, it appears a computer was also removed from the home.

"It looked like computers. A lot of the boxes went inside the house, then they came out with it. All I could see was tool boxes and stuff like that. Probably a computer, looked like a couple computers," Santarelli said.

Newswatch 16 did see a woman return to the home soon after FBI agents left, and neighbors confirmed to us that it was Lisa Vallone. She was inside for about 10 minutes then left again. She did not answer the door when we tried to speak with her.

Local police tell Newswatch 16 that FBI agents told them that the schools in the area and the public were not in danger. The superintendent of the Lackawanna Trail School District had no comment.


  • Sue Phillips

    I know there are a lot of people judging without knowing what the whole story is. Maybe it wasn’t about her… maybe about someone else in the house.

  • jimbrony

    Remember folks, these are the people teaching our children and grandchildren (our future) and they’re worthy of a raise…

    • Mike Rohulich

      How dare you make assumptions about the character or morals of the person who owns the property. Having read the article the owner did return to the home, entered, and left on her own accord. Had she been the person of interest she would not have been allowed to leave. Your words are vicious, without merit, and an assassination of the owners moral compass. Keep your assumptions to yourself until the merits of the investigation are revealed. Michelle R.

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