Stop for the School Bus

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DANVILLE, Pa. -- Now that school is back in session, children all over the area are once again boarding the bus.

That leads to an annual safety plea from school bus drivers and parents to obey the traffic laws and stop for the buses.

Home security camera video from Good Morning America shows a child about to cross the street to get on the school bus. He steps back just in time as a car whizzes by.

Unfortunately, this hits home for Aspen Evans-Hoover of Danville.

"She came within feet of my kid, if not inches of my kid," Evans-Hoover said.

Evans-Hoover's 6-year-old son almost got hit by a car at a bus stop in Danville last year.

"The buses lights were flashing. The arm was out. There were actually kids exiting the bus. She blew through a stop sign around the arm," Evans-Hoover recalled.

"People passing school buses is not quite a daily occurrence, but it's right up there on the road," said Wayne Myers.

Myers owns W.L. Myers and Son, a school bus company near Danville. The company serves the Danville Area School District.

According to Pennsylvania's school bus law, when the school bus is loading or unloading, traffic in all directions must obey the flashing red lights and stop.

"Be cautious. It literally takes one minute to load and unload these students from the buses," Myers said.

There are cameras available to go on the outside of school buses. It doesn't stop people, but it does help prosecute them.

Even so, Myers says cameras would be a major expense.

"The school districts don't cover that. Some districts are putting it into their budgets to do so, but very few have," said Myers.

When someone is convicted of violating Pennsylvania's school bus law, they will receive a 60-day driver's license suspension, five points on their driving record, and a $250 fine.


  • DUCK !

    The stop sign is not working properly on the bus it should have went out and faced the traffic not remain against the bus. The driver of the car should of realized the red lights on top of the bus, but the school bus driver should have done a pre trip inspection to
    ensure the proper operation of the stop lights.

  • Granny4

    Yes you have to stop for a bus but kids should have been taught to look both ways before crossing the street! The mother is standing right there and did nothing!!!

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