Teachers to Strike in East Stroudsburg

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PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's the sights and sounds of your typical Friday night as football season is back for high schools across the state.

But at the game between Pocono Mountain East High School and East Stroudsburg Area South High School, students and parents in East Stroudsburg may be focusing on the coming Monday.

East Stroudsburg canceled classes on Monday as teachers in the district are set to strike.

“I'm a senior now and it's kind of like, I mean I understand. I guess you got to do what you have to do,” said South senior Ava Bauer.

“It is tough because as a parent, you definitely want the children to be in school, their education is very important but also we want to support our teachers and we want to make sure we're being fair and understanding their needs,” said South parent Melissa Johnson.

The teachers' union says teachers have been working without a contract since 2016 and say the main issues they are fighting for are salaries and health care.

During a negotiating session earlier in the week, the school board says it increased its final offer in an effort to avoid a strike but that was rejected by the teachers' union.

“I support the teachers completely because they have their own families and it's terrible that they have to go through all this because the school doesn't want to get them money,” said South senior Alana Morales.

“I also agree with the teachers. I'm proud of them for standing up for themselves and I want them to do this but I guess we'll get back to school when we do,” said South freshman Jenny Ro.

Students say they are just hoping classes resume sooner than later.

“Especially since I'm a freshman so I have to get used to a whole new school, whole new regimen and now I have to wait a few weeks or however long it will be,” said South freshman Gary Welge.

At this time the district has said classes are canceled only for Monday.

It has not commented further on what would happen if the strike continues into the week.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    Want a contract? Save your union dues, pay a labor attorney, and write your own, you self-absorbed nincompoops. How is it that these educators only have the cheek to strike during the school year? Why not picket in the rains and floods during this past summer? Oh, wait……..there would have only been personal inconveniences, instead of the disruption of the academic year.

    Better yet, enroll children into private schools or homeschool them, parents! Take a stand against these actions! If every taxpayer in PA would just refuse to pay their local school taxes, the whole shebang would come to a screeching, grinding halt in very short order.

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    Yup . Pay is better than most – job security and benefits and 9 mo work year – I say strike ! . Why not lose the union instead and think of the money to save and cut corruption in the state . Maybe they need a job paving the roads if they want more money ?

  • lickerblisters

    What do these teachers work a year anyways? Maybe 7 months, if that? PATHETIC! All my teachers in school were worthless. All the guy teachers were only there because they picked up a teaching degree only to dodge the Vietnam War. Those ones were REAL worthless!

  • comment375583328

    In looking at the comments I see the teachers are up to their old tricks of deleting cookies to run up the thumbs down on negative comments. They do it in every district for every strike. The teachers union must have passed out a memo.

  • catman5308@yahoo.com

    if they strike, FIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY. they dont give a damn about the kids. and yes, you should contribute to your healthcare costs, everyone else does, (except useless politicians). you knew the pay rate going in as well, if you dont like it, leave. Get your selves back in the classrooms, or get another job. you know the kind that works all year, not part time.

  • tvviewer44816377

    Teachers to taxpayers: “Can’t afford higher taxes? Screw you….pay us! Want us to contribute more for medical coverage? Screw you….pay us! Want us to be reasonable in our demands in light of economic realities? Screw you….pay us!”

  • jsrant

    Yes, we don’t want our teachers contributing to healthcare. It’s unheard of, oh wait many contribute. So why should you be any different. Maybe you should work in other states that have no unions, have a no strike law but no you won’t do that because your doing it for the kids. Yeah, right. That’s ok, my 89 yr old mother will pay your salaries. Hope her home doesn’t get taken away.

  • Bob Calvey

    I noticed there was no mention of the salaries and benefits of these teachers 16 you are such a thorough investigative news channel and then you ask the kids who are only worried about posting on Facebook what they had for lunch what a joke

  • lickerblisters

    Seeing as these teachers hate their jobs, benefits, and pensions so much, maybe they should get themselves a job at one of Hazleton’s warehouses. Fyi, BETTER LEARN SPANISH!

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