After Mold Cleanup, Students Back in Pottsville Elementary Center

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POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Students are back in the building at one Pottsville Area school after the discovery of mold.

Classes resumed Tuesday at John S. Clarke Elementary Center. The school had been closed after mold was discovered last week.

The place was cleaned, and when tests showed the danger was gone, school leaders gave the OK for students to return.

"I was so excited for her because she just did such a good job the very first day and then we come home and school was canceled for a whole week," said mother Gretchen Stevenson of Pottsville.

"Well, it's a good thing because I don't really want my child to get sick," said Shanequa Walker of Pottsville.

Some students were especially excited.

"Because we will learn and we do stuff!" said kindergartener Faith Stevenson.

Some parents said last week's canceled classes were a real hardship.

"All of us work, and between working and getting the kids to school and then finding babysitters because they're not in school, it's not easy,” said Jackie Wolff of Pottsville.

The rainy, humid summer created mold issues at other schools in other districts, too.

"It's par for the course. I mean, this weather this time of year with all the rain and humidity we've had, I wasn't surprised,” said Missy Scott of Pottsville.

Several school districts in the area have dealt with mold issues this summer.

Students at Chipperfield Elementary and Resica Elementary in Monroe County headed back to class Tuesday after mold was cleaned from those buildings.

Pleasant Valley Intermediate School in the Poconos is still closed as well as Canton Area in Bradford County due to mold issues there.

Mold was discovered Tuesday at Selinsgrove Intermediate School in Snyder County. Students were moved to the high school.

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