Heat is on at GDS Fair in Wayne County

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DREHER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The fans were on full blast Wednesday at the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair in Newfoundland.

This fair has been going on for 101 years now and a central part is the livestock and the kids who raise and show them.

"When the kids are showing, they have to be here hands-on taking care of the animals. It's hands-on," Linda Giblin said.

This weather isn't just hot for humans, the animals feel it as well. That's why Olivia Keating is grabbing the hose and spraying down these pigs every half hour during the extreme heat. Pigs don't sweat, so they need to cool down like this or risk getting sick.

"It's horrible, not for us, but for everyone in the barns too, all our animal friends," Olivia Keating said.

This is the first year the GDS Fair in Newfoundland opens at 3 p.m. in the afternoon and for anyone susceptible to the heat, it may be good to start after the heat of the day.

"You can cut the air with a knife. I just don't want to be out here, but I have to," Peter Keating said.

When the fair gates open, there are cooling stations around the fairgrounds.

People who spend most of their time here have their ways to keep from overheating.

"Tank tops, we have a couple fans we sit around, and we have ice cream at the Boy Scouts booth," Keating said.

"I sit in front of the fan in the cow barn, iced tea, lemonade," Giblin said.

Meanwhile, the animals get royal treatment including added measures in the rabbits' cages to chill out.

"Some of them have frozen water bottles on them. Some are playing and letting water leak out."

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