New Charges for Oklahoma Man Who Drove to Pennsylvania and Threatened President

A man from Oklahoma arrested in our area for threatening the president has now been indicted on a gun charge.

Prosecutors say Jeffery Boyd, 55, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, wasn't allowed to have guns because he was under an order of protection.

Investigators say Boyd drove to Columbia County last month from Oklahoma, and told a woman he had met online that voices in his head told him to kill President Trump and the first family.

Boyd was already in jail for those charges.


  • votechwoodsman

    he came to close to the right American place for some fun. if he went to girardville this would of turned out positive. There is a new DJ in town, with two turn tables and a microphone there.

    • My Foot

      Who said he was a lib ? Maybe he hates Draft Dodgers….Liars…Wife abusers……….Maybe he doesn’t think Nazis/Klan are “very fine people”. …. Maybe he doesn’t like Putin.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Good thing he doesn’t like brainwashed, lying stooges. You wouldn’t be able to go outside.

      • jimbrony

        Hard to imagine there are people as easily brainwashed and manipulated as you, but here you are… What’s the matter MY FOOT? Did your AM JOY account get deleted? Boyd has to be a liberal because he mentioned MKULTRA – they only chose weak-minded people for that project, much like yourself.

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