Scranton School District Receives $6 Million from State

SCRANTON, Pa. -- The Scranton School District will receive an additional $6 million in state funding for 2019.

That announcement was made Tuesday at Senator John Blake's office in downtown Scranton.

The extra money is a result of meetings with Governor Tom Wolf and because the Scranton School District is under "financial watch" with the Department of Education.

The money comes from a fund that is to be spent on classroom instruction, so there are some restrictions on how the district can use the extra money.

The Scranton School Board hopes the money will be able to fill some of the $11.5 million budget gap the district faces next year.


  • Frank Scavo

    Rewarding mismanagement and shadow employees with $6 million dollars with no demands for improvements? Typical bureaucrat giving away hard earned tax dollars. Senator Blake, there are 18 other districts that have run very good and effective districts that are left behind. Just goes to show that school districts need to be funded properly, and the Property taxes are going UP while the taxpayers dollars are squandered. Senate Bill 76 ELIMINATES PROPERTY TAXES…its up to the Voter to ELIMINATE those that squander tax dollars, and those that REWARD the squandering.

  • comment375583328

    More election year flim flam from Harrisburg. Blake and Wolf payback to the teachers union. Only difference now is that taxpayers outside of Scranton get the chance to flush their tax dollars down the drain.

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