Repair Work for Washed Out Road in Snyder County Getting Fast Tracked

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Last month's downpours washed out a section of roadway in a neighborhood near Shamokin Dam.

It was expected repair work would take months, but engineers now say the road in Snyder County should be up and running again in a few weeks.

Road closure signs and barricades are up around the wide gap in Penns Drive that runs through this neighborhood near Shamokin Dam.

The part of the roadway and the pipe under it washed out last month after heavy downpours caused Penns Creek to overflow.

“It was surprising, I don't know if it was blocked but if it wouldn't have gave I would have got water in my house I rent, so,” said Rick Bailey.

It was expected that it would take months to repair the road; during that time folks would have to detour around it.

“It's been a huge inconvenience,” said Andrea Brininger. “I have to go out to the end of Penns Drive and out through Kratzerville to get to where I need to go.”

“I can go out two ways, over 204, Park Road but yeah, it is. Sometimes you forget and you start coming the other way and have to turn around,” said Bailey.

But now there's good news.

Art Thomas, president of Mack-Tech, Incorporated, is the engineer for Monroe Township.

Thomas says he's received an emergency permit from the state Department of Environment Protection to fast track repair work, which could begin as soon as next week.

“If we can we'll get in there by the 20th if they can start on the 15th or 16th that'd be great. We have some concrete aprons we want to pour and let that cure,” said Thomas.

And Thomas says not only are crews replacing the old pipe, the project is bringing upgrades.

“What washed out was a 7-foot diameter corrugated metal pipe and we`re going to go back in with a metal pipe arch, which is like an elliptical pipe, has a bigger mouth at the bottom to allow the natural stream bed go through,” said Thomas.

Now it's estimated the work will only take six weeks.

People are thrilled to hear this.

“I'm surprised we're getting it back here this quick because I thought it would be three, four months,” said Bailey.

“That will be awesome. That`s good news,” said Brininger. “Glad to hear it.”

Thomas says the cost of the entire project is around $100,000.

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