Dramatic Video of Trooper Shooting in Northampton County Released

EASTON, Pa. -- Dramatic dash cam video was just released by the Northampton County District Attorney's office. It shows, in graphic detail, the moment two state troopers got into a gunfight with a man they'd pulled over for a traffic stop along Route 33 near Nazareth.

Corporal Seth Kelly, a native of Wayne County was badly injured in the shootout.

At the beginning of the two-minute video, we see Trooper Ryan Seiple and Corporal Seth Kelly wrestling with 22-year-old Daniel Clary right along the shoulder of the highway.

After Clary is tased by one officer, he briefly falls into the right lane of Route 33.

The troopers pull him back onto the shoulder and even though the suspect is clearly affected by the stun gun, he still refused to comply with the orders to stop resisting.

A violent scuffle ensues on the side of the busy highway as drivers whiz by.

At one point during the scuffle, one trooper can be heard saying Clary is trying to get his gun.

Seconds later, Clary frees himself from the two troopers and race around to the driver's side of his car where he reaches in and grabs a gun.

Clary with one foot in the right lane of the highway clearly shoots at both men.

Tpr. Seiple is closest to the dash came and falls backward while exchanging gunfire with the suspect but its Cpl. Kelly, the Wayne County native, who gets shot at this moment in the video.

The gunfight only lasts for about five seconds but more than a dozen shots are fired between the three men.

Badly injured, Cpl. Kelly throws himself over the guide rail to get away from the bullets.

Clary also wounded, gets into his car and drives off with his back window having been shattered in the shootout.

Clary managed to drive himself to the hospital but he was captured and ultimately convicted of attempted homicide.

The district attorney ruled the use of force by the officers was justified.

Cpl. Seth Kelly continues his recovery from the serious wounds he received in last year's gunfight in Northampton County.


  • sweetcheeks4snugpants

    Embarrassing video for state police. Awkward, clumsy, scared. The one suspect shot on both officers successfully while the two officers struggled to get a shot off. Maybe the staties should hire the perp to train the officers.

  • lickerblisters

    While watching the video, I couldn’t help but notice all the cars (and trucks) who didn’t adhere to the “move over law.” But more importantly, how did any drivers not get shot? That’s a lot of bullets flying in their direction!

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