Sen. Casey Responds to Jabs from President Trump

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- President Donald Trump made a campaign stop near Wilkes-Barre on Thursday to support Congressman Lou Barletta who is running for Senate this November.

The president's speech included jabs at Barletta's opponent, Senator Bob Casey. The Scranton native is now responding to the president's comments.

November's race for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania pits two politicians from our area against each other.

Congressman Lou Barletta from Hazleton is challenging two-term Senator Bob Casey from Scranton.

Congressman Barletta had the president's support Thursday night at a rally near Wilkes-Barre.

President Trump hosted a campaign rally in support of Rep. Barletta.

Barletta is taking on the Democratic incumbent, and fellow northeastern Pennsylvania native Bob Casey in November.

Trump stumped in front of several thousand supporters at Mohegan Sun Area at Casey Plaza -- named for Senator Casey's father, the late former governor of Pennsylvania.

"I'm not sure I've ever met Bob Casey, I've never met him. I'm sure I did, I shook his hand. Now, his father was a good man, I knew him a bit. But we're dealing with a totally different person," the president said at the rally.

The president spoke highly of Barletta. He praised the former mayor of Hazleton for his hard-line stance on immigration. He criticized Casey and as the president often does to those who oppose him, he gave the senator a nickname.

"I've got to talk about Bob Casey, I'll start falling asleep," Pres. Trump said. "Don't fall asleep while we talk about sleeping, Bob. Ah, that's it, "Sleeping Bob!" That's it."

Senator Casey was on the campaign trail himself this week but sent Newswatch 16 a statement in response to the president's speech:

"This race will not be about name calling and insults. It will be about who is delivering results for Pennsylvania families. The president's attacks haven't stopped him from signing into law three of my bills in the last four months, including the first major workforce training legislation in 12 years, which was signed just this week.

"I'm focused on getting things done for Pennsylvania's workers, seniors, and middle-class families and I'll work with anyone to do it."

Bob Casey is running for his third term in the Senate. He'll take on Lou Barletta in the general election on November 6.


  • AMJoy Fan

    Happy Birthday, to the GREATEST President ever: President Barack Obama!!! You are loved and sorely missed

    • lickerblisters

      Within minutes there will be professional people showing up at your door dressed all in white. Please do not resist them. They are only there to help you. Recovery is a lengthy process but the rewards are everlasting.

  • Frank The Lunatic

    His father, former Gov.Casey, was a good man. He required that all children be given healthcare insurance from the state if they do not have insurance through their parent’s job — in other words, it wasn’t that you were required to have insurance, like Obamacare, but that the state must provide for the children of the commonwealth — Which was a great thing. And the state will help into costs of insurance for children if you cannot afford it through work or if you don’t meet the guidelines for free children’s health insurance, you can still get CHIP where you may have to pay something into it. But no Bob Casey, this is a guy that would never have done anything like that, after all, he supported Obamacare. He instead would have come out with a bill requiring kids to be insured through their parents, regardless of costs. That’s the type of man he is. If Bob is such a great man, why does he want to allow anyone to cross into the country, be it legally or illegally? You know, we are one of the only Major Democratic Free Countries in the world that allows anyone to come in and stay here. Other countries, like, the UK, Austrailia, Germany, France, Italy — Doesn’t allow that, you just can’t walk or fly into their country and stay indefinitely, and you can’t just apply for citizenship. Take Australia, for example, you have to show that you will be a good addition to their nation by becoming a citizen, that you had an education, that you have some sort of skill or work background that will help gain employment, because all of these countries DON’T want people who just want to come in and sit on their asses and not work or commit crimes. And no, I am not saying that every person that sneaks into the country is like that. But why are people so damn upset about the immigration thing? Just about all of our ancestors came to this country LEGALLY and applied for citizenship and got jobs. They didn’t ask for handouts and expect or demand free health care and free housing and all the other handouts that some of these politicians seem to support. Do you criticize your parent, grand-parents, great-great-grandparents, etc, for doing it the legal way? Then why on earth do all of these people and some of our politicians, like Casey, don’t care if people don’t do it legally at all? Just let everyone in, that seems to be their approach. It’s funny, when you look back, and many of you are too young to remember this, but when we had all those hijackings in the 1970’s, a large majority of these people were non-citizens who were here on expired Visas. How safe is it to just keep handing these things out. How about 2 years ago, the illegal who caused a car accident and then turned around and tried to sue the first responders (Fire/EMS) who helped him because if they didn’t call the police he would have never been discovered to have had false ID, etc, and that he was in fact here illegally. — Imagine that — he tried to sue over that. Is that what people want this country to turn into? No politician is perfect, no President is perfect, they all have faults, every since one of them, they are not God’s. But I’m sorry, but I cannot support a politician that supports turning a blind eye to immigration and just allow everyone to come in and someone who wants to support and help everyone before we take care of our own legal citizens. If these people don’t have anything sketchy in their past, then why can’t they just get a passport and come into the country like many other people have and then let their presence be known and apply for citizenship. Their countries require Americans to do that if they cant to stay in those countries. And here’s another one — people bitch about the wall and such — Gee, why did not one single American or American Politician complain when Canada close their borders — you never needed a passport to go into Canada and Americans could just go over and even get jobs there. But no more, you need a Passport, meaning that your background has to be good enough to be allowed into the country and not have your passport flagged as a Do Not Allow Entry or be on the Do Not Fly list. And to work there you have to apply for whatever process they now require. No one complained about that – the fact that we could cross in and out as we please previously, with no documentation at all, and bring a whole tribe of kids with us, and have no record of how many went into the country vs how many actually left, but they got smart and changed their policies towards Americans. We try to do that towards non-Americans coming into our country, not by a legal passageway, and all these groups get upset. I don’t understand it. The only people who should even be upset and voicing disagreement over immigration reform are the people who have come illegally to those whose families have come illegally.

  • Wayne Rogers

    When is Barletta going to pay Hazleton the 1.4 million dollars he cost them for violating the U.S. Constitution.?

  • Jim Burnetti

    I’m not sure I ever met Bob Casey. I’ve never met him. I’m sure I did, I shook his hand. President #Pornohontas suffering from mental problems from syphilis? Do you want this wackaloon with his finger on the nuclear trigger?

  • donamick

    throughout the history of Hazleton it has never ever been what it is today a f****** war zone good job Barletta you stand proud next to the man that separates their children from their parents I’ll be voting against the both of you

    • lickerblisters

      How soon you forget when Barletta was mayor he was the one trying to come down on landlords who rented to illegals aliens. The fed’s fought him in court and Lou lost. HE TRIED! Enjoy your cesspool of nasties! Glad I don’t call that hellhole home!

    • Mike Hunt

      You don’t even make any sense with your statement. You know why Hazleton is a war zone? Because Barletta couldn’t get a law passed to get illegals out of city. Now you have people from New York and New Jersey going in to the city which are not going there for family time. You’re clueless but wouldn’t expect anything different from a snowflake.

    • Mike Hunt

      The parents didn’t care about getting separated from their children or they would have crossed at an actual border crossing and not by trying to sneak in. DUH!!! How about the children that get separated from their parents for life at the hands of illegals? I don’t see you playing the violin then snowflake.

  • My Foot

    The President likes childish name calling…..,.Treasonous Trump. ….Draft Dodger Don…..Two-Timing Trump….The Art of the Feel.

      • Jim Burnetti

        To. Hand something to me. Too. Also. Another edumacated tRump supporter. Study Civics 101. A free press is a precious freedom that people fight and die for. Except for big mouth #CadetBoneSpurs.

      • jimbrony

        If history has any conscience, when they look back on the Mueller investigation decades from now honest people will admit what an enormous waste of time, resources, and money it was.

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