One Person Taken to Hospital After Crash in Luzerne County

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- One person was taken to the hospital after a crash between a car and a big rig in Luzerne County.

It happened on Interstate 81 north near the Nuangola exit just after 1 a.m. on Thursday.

Authorities say the driver of the car tried to change lanes and ended up under the truck.

The big rig driver wasn't hurt but the car driver was taken to the hospital in Luzerne County.


  • jimbrony

    Driver of the truck was most likely doing 15 or 20 over the speed limit like they usually do. Driver of the car sees the truck and assumes it’s a professional behind the wheel and because it’s dark loses their depth perception. Trucks fails to slow down to speed limit (GET OUT OF MY WAY mentality) and crushes car, as usual.

    • peatermoss

      Aren’t you glad th at I brought this to your attention, you obviously missed out on it being 8 hours late on making a comment simply because the word truck was not in the headline.
      TSK TSK

      • jimbrony

        Yeah, thanks for that, SFB. I always miss articles that are written at 1:00 AM because I’m sleeping. Unlike you that scour all the articles waiting for the opportunity to vindicate your good buddies in the pickle park.

      • peatermoss

        BTW Stunad
        The reason that I mentioned 1 AM is because this article was written many hours before the Clark’s Summit wreck, so being the fly that you are, you obviously missed it, since the word truck was not in the Heading.
        What a Stupido!!

      • jimbrony

        I would of found it eventually. It’s like one of those word association games: Crash = Truck, SFB = Mossy Peater. Curious, with your Italian name calling – do you dress up like Mario or Luigi when you’re prowling the truck stops looking for a good buddy? Breaker breaker!

      • jimbrony

        Yeah, but I’m not the one dressing up like Mario and Luigi (or is it Batman and Robin?) prowling the back lots of the truck stops looking for a good buddy. It’s OK, love is love wherever you find it. Even if it’s in the back of a ‘PEATER’ BUILT (PEATERMOSS?) sleeper.

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