I-80 West Back Open After Crashes near Danville

DANVILLE, Pa. — Part of Interstate 80 near Danville was shut down for a few hours Wednesday because of multiple vehicle crashes, according to PennDOT.

Interstate 80 westbound was closed between the Danville exit (224) and the Limestoneville exit (215) from around 5 p.m. until around 7:30 p.m.

There is no word what led up to the crashes or if anyone was hurt.

See real-time traffic conditions using the WNEP Traffic Tracker.


      • peatermoss

        Another Forest Gump type Guy, your right accidents never happen on a straight and level road on a nice sunny day either, maybe a building just popped up out of nowhere.
        My guess is that this accident did not involve a truck, otherwise the media would be all over it, because the word truck in the heading is big news.

      • jimbrony

        Really Mossy Peter, I have to explain that to you? OK – here you go: Any time you take the first letter of a few words and put them together it’s called an acronym. For example, the G-rated acronym for you is Straw For Brains = SFB. Get it?

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