Wet Week for Summer Camps in the Poconos

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- During the summer, the International Sports Training Camp near Stroudsburg takes in more than 300 campers each week.

The camp offers lots of indoor and outdoor activities although this week, campers have been mostly indoors.

"It started raining, and usually that would get you down, but no, we just kept playing, and it was really fun. Our coaches really make an effort to make sure we all have fun," said Sunny Ugner of Long Island, New York.

When Newswatch 16 stopped by the camp in Jackson Township, the sun was poking out just enough for campers to get outside, but when the rain starts to fall, camp coaches have a backup plan in place.

"We have our wet weather plan which usually means we start out session if it's not pouring with rain, and then as soon as we see that shadow come over, we reevaluate and move everyone to different sections of camp," said camp coach Megan Young.

"We have lots of indoor facilities as well as outdoors so we are lucky that we can change it up on the fly, go ahead and move the kids in and adapt to the games. It's not the same as a beautiful sun shining week but we can still have fun," said camp director Cara Klaus-Major.

Sunny Ugner from Long Island has been coming to this camp for the past nine years. She says while she wishes she could spend more time outdoors, the indoor activities are just as fun.

"I mean we are at the top of the Poconos, so it's always raining, but they make it work. We have plenty of towels and they are just always making things works because that's what this place is about," said Unger.

And with only a few days left for campers in this group, the hope is that the weather clears up before they head out.

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