Columbia County Officials: ‘This is not a drill’

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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. — In some places in Columbia County, the waters are raging: muddy, moving high and fast.

“We’ve been driving around all day, and it’s like incredible,” said Darrin Strong of Berwick.

Fishing Creek has leaped from its banks, sweeping onto roadways, forcing closures. Drivers look for ways to safely get around.

Emergency officials are telling people in Columbia County: this is not a drill, be prepared to leave quickly for higher ground.

“I suggest they get out now while they still can, if not, then a lot of problems gonna happen,” said Danielle Straub of Berwick.

Bloomsburg Police are warning people on the west end of town to be ready at a moment’s notice.

At Steve Shannon Tire and Auto in Mount Pleasant Township, workers anticipate floodwaters. They have cleared the place out, moving tires and computers to storage, putting vehicles up on lifts.

“We have some upstairs, some over in the warehouse over in the right here. Fingers crossed nothing happens,”’ said Herb Shannon.

Hemlock Creek is also out of its banks, and while some are enjoying the weather more than others, it is a serious and potentially dangerous situation.

“I think I’m gonna end up with everybody at my house again just like I did in 2011 because I’m up on a mountain, so the whole family ended up there. It’s a lot of cleanup after,” said Denise VanDine of Hemlock Township

Emergency officials in Columbia County expect the Susquehanna River to crest Friday afternoon.

“Once the river crests, then I guess everything else will start backing up, so it is what it is,” said Lori Wenner of Hemlock Township.

See the latest list of road closures here.

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