Customers Get a Sneak Peak at New Doggie’s Rathskeller in State College

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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- A legendary bar in Centre County has temporarily re-opened its doors to business.

The former All American Rathskeller bar, now renamed Doggie’s Rathskeller and Garden is open during this week's Arts Fest in State College.

It's a breath of new life at Doggie's Rathskeller and Garden on Thursday afternoon with friends gathering to toast a cold one with one another.

But this is just more than just meeting for drinks; this is the first time any customers have been inside this bar in State College since the long time, legendary place closed its doors earlier in the year.

“I think it's really great,” said PSU senior Gunther Cassell. “I see a lot of people that were really passionate about it, closing it down and stuff like that, the owners, I know it's been through new ownership and stuff like that.”

The owners of the former All American Rathskeller announced they would close the bar after the building it is in was sold to new owners.

Now Tom Trosko, a Penn State grad who is originally from Luzerne County, bought the bar, renaming it Doggie's Rathskeller and Garden in honor of Rathskeller's first owner Doggie Alexander back in 1933.

Trosko decided that during this week's Arts Fest in State College, he'd offer loyal customers a sneak peek inside.

“Sneak peek was an idea that we came up with while we're doing renovations work here, people would knock at the door, come up and say I just want to see it, just take a peak, see if it's still here, what it looks like,” said Trosko.

The bar will only be open through the weekend and at this time the owner says there is no set date for a grand reopening.

“That's still in flux because the landlord who is renovating all the of the apartments above has a lot of work to do,” said Trosko.

Many alumni are just happy to get these four days to hang at their old haunt.

“Spent a lot of hours here on a Friday afternoon, from about 2 o'clock on and my cases, so,” said Glen Adam.

“I came here and said ‘oh my god, it's the same as it was 25 years ago’ when we used to get the Rolling Rocks in the buckets,” said Pam McBride.

“See a place that you've grown up going to not be available anymore but this is great, it's a lot of fun,” said Julia Sprinkle. “It reminds me a lot of the old ‘Skeller and it's great to be here, I'm glad it's come back.”

“It's cool, I think we're looking forward to it,” said Joe Winslow. “Kind of missed it being closed and we hope it works out for them.”

Doggie's Rathskeller and Garden is open during Arts Fest through Sunday.

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