Audio of 911 Bomb Threats Released by Monroe County D.A.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- The district attorney's office in Monroe County is asking for the public's help in identifying the voice of whoever threatened to blow up the county courthouse.

The district attorney released the recordings of two calls, hoping someone recognizes a voice.

"Lackawanna 911, where is your emergency?"

"I have placed a bomb in the Monroe County Courthouse. It is going to go off at 11:15."

Back in May, the Lackawanna County 911 Center got two threatening calls, one from Old Forge stating that there was a bomb at the Luzerne County Courthouse. Moments later, a second 911 call from north Scranton stated that there was a bomb at the Monroe County Courthouse. Then, detectives believe a call from last month was placed from the area of Dickson City.

On Monday, for the third time in three months, another phoned-in bomb threat forced officials to close the Monroe County Courthouse. Investigators say this call came from the East Stroudsburg area.

(Language warning)

"911 where is your emergency?"

"There four bombs inside and five more in the surroundings attorney offices, good luck."

One thing is clear: these threats are causing a disruption to workers at the courthouse.

"We stand outside for long hours. We're thirsty. We're tired. It stops the courts from doing court business. It's annoying. It is. It's annoying," said Reba Bell of East Stroudsburg.

"There's no point to it whatsoever. Whatever's going on is still going to continue, being delayed a couple hours isn't going to have much of a difference," said Sherri Munch of Stroudsburg.

"We're pursuing all investigative avenues to see if there's a common thread amongst all of these, but at this point, we don't know if they're actually connected. We don't know if they're related," said Det. Brian Webbe, Monroe County District Attorney's Office.

In Monday's threat, the caller said there were bombs in several attorneys' offices surrounding the courthouse. People were forced to leave those offices as well as the courthouse.

"Right here in Courthouse Square, there's numerous attorney offices and since he didn't specify, we have to err on the side of caution," Webbe added.

Investigators don't know if the threats are connected. If you recognize the voices on those calls, get in touch with detectives in the Monroe County district attorney's office.


  • Fredric Underhill

    Those with experience in high visibility corporate and manufacturing security will back me. You are wrong. In 1983, IBM targeted locations in NYS were given warnings before explosions.

    Every threat has to be handled as viable and evaluated. The alternative in a civilian world is inexcusable.

    These calls seem more related to activities within the courthouse such as frightening a jury or delaying a trail or disrupting a security detail or foreclosure proceeding. But I’m not betting your life on it.

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