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‘Thousand Points of Light’ Controversy

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — At a rally in Great Falls, Montana, President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters about his thoughts on campaign slogans.

“‘Putting America First,’ we understand. ‘Thousand Points of Light’ I never quite got that one,” said President Trump. “I’m telling ya, What the hell is that? Has anyone ever figured that one out? Aye, and it was put out by a Republican wasn’t it?”

‘Thousand Points of Light’ was George H. W. Bush’s campaign slogan in 1988. The slogan then provided the name for the former president’s foundation Points of Light that works to encourage volunteerism in the community.

President Trump’s criticism of the slogan has not been well received. Some, including representatives of the Bush family, calling it “rude” and a dig at volunteerism.

“Honestly, I think they probably just doesn’t know what a thousand points of light are,” laughs Doug Hamilton, the operations manager at Keystone Mission in Wilkes-Barre. “I think maybe he’s just missing what that is.”

“Sometimes he can be very childish, very ignorant at times but you know we gotta let it go,” says Keystone volunteer Anthony Walker. “You know you got people like that in this world but you just gotta pray for people.”

Volunteers setting up for a picnic at Keystone Mission in Wilkes-Barre think the president would choose a different slogan to criticize if he knew the impact of it from Bush’s campaign nearly 30 years ago.

“You would see that as a positive thing I think and encourage people to you know be a part of something like that,” adds Hamilton.

Hamilton says his organization relies heavily on volunteers.

“They’re the engine to make things work for us,” describes Hamilton.

Anthony Walker is a volunteer at Keystone Mission. He believes volunteering is essential.

“It’s very important people need to show more love and gratitude toward one another and get involved and help,” says Walker.

Walker says actions like those are needed during times like this.


  • Jim Burnetti

    #CadetBoneSpurs is repulsed by the concept of volunteerism. People volunteering to help neighbors do no have sufficient time to praise Dear Leader.

  • lickerblisters

    I’m so pro Trump if he were a skin lotion I would apply him to every square inch of epidermal surface on my body and ooze him into every crack and crevice I could find. TRUMP 2020! TRUMP’S DAUGHTER 2024!

  • Feed Me More

    this is the man of a thousand controversies and at least a thousand crimes, he needs taken out of office and locked up

  • beekeeper

    ‘Thousand Points of Light’ Controversy??? What controversy? Trump’s an imbecile. Everybody knows this. There’s no controversy.

  • jimbrony

    Here’s a challenge, WNEP: Do a random man on the street Q & A, and ask a thousand people what they think ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ means. Do a good cross section of people; young and old, wealthy and poor, different races, etc. I’m willing to wager the greater majority of them will have no clue what it means or who even said it. Your bias is showing. Again.

    • beekeeper

      That may be true. Pick the most intelligent people in the world, and for each of them, there are many things they don’t know. The difference between an intelligent person and an ignoramus is that the intelligent person recognizes their own limitations and understand there are things they don’t know, while the ignoramus scoffs and laughs at anything they don’t understand. Trump is the textbook example of an ignoramus.

      • Jim Burnetti

        George H did not put you, your kids, and your grandkids $1,000,000,000,000 deeper in debt every year. What a #Conservative.

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