People Welcome Wet Weather After This Week’s Heat Wave

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OLYPHANT, Pa. -- This week’s heat wave had some people welcoming Friday morning's wet weather.

"It could rain for three days straight and I'd be happy,” Mike Grayson from Olyphant said.

Temperatures all over our viewing area were consistently above 90 degrees in the last five days.

Some people didn’t mind carrying around an umbrella on Friday, considering the uncomfortable heat earlier this week.

“Terrible, terrible. Very uncomfortable,” Sophie Petrone of Peckville said.

"It was oppressive,” Grayson said.

Air conditioning units were working overtime all week. People are already worried about their power bills.

“Oh, I certainly do, but I don't care. It kept me cool,” Petrone said.

An air conditioning graveyard, of sorts, has already materialized at White’s Mechanical in Olyphant.

Workers there have been putting in 12 to 14-hour days this week fixing units.

“Normally, we do about 10 to 12 service calls a day. We've been doing about 40 a day. It's been a little crazy,” owner of White’s Mechanical, Duane White said.

Stormtracker 16 meteorologists said so far this week, it was so hot that with all the highs and the lows the average temperature was 80 degrees.

“Let it rain some more, as long as it gets cooler,” Petrone said.

Other people said they’ll take whatever warm weather they can get.

“You can do more things really and there are ways to get cool, you go into the air conditioning here or there. When it's raining and mucky like this, you know, it's different,” Walter Marek of Archbald said.

“We're a little older and we have no problem with the heat,” Marilyn Burnetti of Blakeslee said.

Representatives from PPL said there were no outages this week because they make sure their grid is ready for heat waves like this.

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