Shamokin Looking for Free Pool Day Sponsors

SHAMOKIN, Pa. -- When it comes to a hot summer day, the Lawton Shroyer Memorial Pool in Shamokin is a busy place, especially when that hot summer day is the Fourth of July and admission to the pool is free.

"There was a lot of people here," head lifeguard Paula Gilger said.

"Huge success, we had 600 admissions," city administrator Bob Slaby said.

There is another free swim event scheduled for Sunday, July 15, but city officials and pool employees want to make it a more regular thing.

"We do have a lot of kids that have memberships and families. But sometimes people just don't get the time or have money to come so it was really nice for them to come and see what we have here," Gilger said.

City officials are looking for businesses in the Shamokin area to sponsor the free swim events.

"Make you feel really good and puts a smile on your face when you see young children have an opportunity to come in here and swim," Slaby said.

It costs $500 to sponsor a day of free swimming.

Angela Lowry and her family are members, but she says the free days are great for her children's friends who aren't members.

"My kids are here every day. They love coming over here. The free swims and they have all their friends coming and it was really great," Lowry said.

If you'd like more information about how to sponsor a free swim, contact Shamokin City Hall at 570-644-0876.

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