10-year-old Boy Hides from Burglar, Calls 911

LOCK HAVEN, Pa. -- A quick-thinking 10-year-old boy helped police nab a burglar inside his home in Clinton County.

Jude Mackenzie told Newswatch 16 he wasn't really scared. Instead, when he saw the intruder, he stayed calm, hid, and called the police.

"It's my worst nightmare to have someone break into my house, and I don't even hear it."

That's what happened to Kelsa Mackenzie and her family in Lock Haven. According to investigators, there was a break-in late Sunday night. Everyone was upstairs in bed expect 10-year-old Jude.

"I was watching YouTube on my TV, and I just heard somebody slam the door," Jude recalled.

Jude expected to see his sister who was coming home from a friend's house. Instead, he saw Allen Hurneman, 43, rummaging through the kitchen.

"When he got into the kitchen light, I saw him, and I just took off running."

Jude ran into the living room where he slid under the couch and called 911. Police came within minutes and arrested Hurneman.

That's when Jude went upstairs to wake his mom and dad. The couple had their air conditioning on and slept through the break-in.

"We kind of were like, 'Jude, are you kidding? Did you have a bad dream?' He's like, 'No, the police are here.' So we come downstairs. We watch police taking him over to the car, and that's when we were like, 'This is real,'" Kelsa Mackenzie said.

Kelsa says the burglar first went through her SUV. She says she thinks he went inside because he was looking for the keys.

Worry quickly became relief for older sister Kandyce who says she's proud of her brother's quick decision to call police.

"I was really scared. I'll admit it. I was scared," Kandyce Serafini said. "That's awesome, especially for being a 10 year old. Normally, 10 year olds wouldn't do that."

"I'm the proudest mom right now. I am. I will boast I am the proudest mom right now," Kelsa said.

Jude said he was working off instinct when he called police, but he knew what to do because he watches a lot of "Chicago PD" and Army movies.

As for Hurneman, he has been charged with burglary and criminal trespass. He is in the Clinton County prison.


  • lickerblisters

    Now the boy needs to be properly trained on firearms. A 911 call is only a temporary fix. A well placed round is a permanent fix. And no, 10 years old is never too young for a child to learn firearm safety if the parents keep him off the Ritalin, etc. etc..

    • CT MacKenzie

      Fortunately the boy is well trained with firearms, and believe me has full authority to use in situations as reported. Furthermore, I even taught him to shoot out their kneecaps so we can really teach the perps a lesson. However, myself being the responsible father of Jude, the firearms are secured in my bedroom. And unfortunately Jude was unable to get to my room without alert the intruder of his presences.

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