Stepping Up Security At PNC Field

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MOOSIC, Pa. -- They are beefing up security at the ballpark.

Starting June 29th, fans heading into PNC Field will see staff with handheld metal detectors.

"It's just making the fans feel safe when they get here, kind of falling in line with what other arenas are doing, whether it's the mountain or the arena, minor league baseball in general,” said RailRiders President and General manager Josh Olerud.

RailRiders officials say the changes are happening at stadiums and arenas all over the country.

"I think it'd be great for everyone, really I mean security is number one nowadays,” said Thomas Clark of Dunmore.

Inside PNC Field, sheriff's deputies and police are on duty.

RailRiders officials say that will not change, but next season, the handheld metal detectors will be replaced with permanent ones for people to walk through.

"You never know. Somebody could bring a bomb or knife and be attacking, especially your kids. So I think it's a great idea,” said Patricia Crespo of Dunmore.

"The more protection the better, yes, it helps us all, especially with the kids and stuff around,” said Lisa Kochanski of Scranton.

"In this day and age you have to be careful, you have no idea what people are thinking, doing,” said Theresa Demoeulos of Scranton.

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