Holiday Hair Workers Now Working in New Locations After Tornado

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- One of the hard-hit buildings from last week's tornado in Wilkes-Barre Township was Holiday Hair. The hair salon is unrecognizable because its sign was ripped off.

Despite so much damage, employees are making do elsewhere.

Employees say there's really no telling when or if the Holiday Hair in Wilkes-Barre Township will be able to reopen after the tornado, but all seven employees have been transferred to nearby salons.

Stylists from Holiday Hair in Wilkes-Barre Township are being welcomed in its Edwardsville location with open arms. Their regular workplace was torn apart by last week's EF2 twister.

Just thinking about what could have happened is difficult for Edwardsville manager Christine Mitsock.

"Just thank God the girls weren't hurt. That's all I was thinking about. It happened at the most, I don't want to say opportune time, but I just want to say I'm happy they're here still," Mitsock said.

Chris Patton is one of those hair stylists. She's been at the Wilkes-Barre Township salon for 14 years. She's grateful she can get back to work at the Edwardsville salon so soon and so close to her customers.

"We have a lot of clientele up there, too, and the girls are like a big family up there. It's like a second home," Patton said.

With winds of up to 130 miles per hour, the tornado ripped through this entire complex and Holiday Hair's sign was torn right off.

"I just couldn't believe, like people couldn't believe that that was a salon there. That's how bad the damage was," said Patton.

"Nothing up there is salvageable. The corporation did reach out, and they are going to replace all of their scissors and all of their combs and their blow dryers, everything like that," Mitsock said.

All seven of the workers at the Wilkes-Barre Township location were transferred to other Holiday Hair spots in Luzerne County. Six of them were transferred to the spot in Edwardsville and one in Pittston Township.

Mitsock says she used to work at the place in Wilkes-Barre Township and she's grateful the place in Edwardsville can help.

"You know, seeing their faces again after 14 years, it's just great that we could do this for them."

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