Former PA Governor Ed Rendell Reveals Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell announced Monday that he has been undergoing treatment for Parkinson's disease.

At a news conference at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, Rendell said he began seeing symptoms three and a half years ago. He says his hand started shaking and he had trouble with his balance.

Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania diagnosed the governor with early onset Parkinson's disease and began a treatment of medication and physical therapy.

The 74-year-old Rendell says the disease has stabilized, the progression has slowed and he believes some of the symptoms are better now than they were three and a half years ago.

Parkinson's involves a loss of brain cells controlling movement. Besides tremors, it can cause rigid, halting walking, slowed speech and sometimes dementia. Symptoms worsen over time and can be treated with drugs but there is no cure.