U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Speaks at Lackawanna College

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Scranton Friday to discuss law enforcement and immigration.

Attorney General Sessions spoke to of police officers and police cadets at Lackawanna College around 11:30 a.m.

Sessions spoke on two topics at Lackawanna College: First he wants to restore the rule of law for the immigration system, and second he wants to further protect police officers in the line of duty.

Sessions spoke before a packed room inside Lackawanna College in Scranton. In front of local, state, and federal officers, the attorney general reinforced his opposition to illegal immigration.

"The steps that we are taking that will be a benefit to our law enforcement officers, we are going to restore the rule of law in our immigration system," Sessions said.

The attorney general has been a vocal opponent of illegal immigration and he discussed the shocking number of illegals in the nation and right here in Pennsylvania.

"There's an estimated 11 million in the country today. That's the size of the state of Georgia. Pennsylvania alone has more than 180,000 illegal aliens," said Attorney General Sessions. "And the problem is growing. From 2009 to 2014, 50,000 aliens moved to Pennsylvania."

Sessions said that ICE agents are being criticized for simply doing their jobs. Sessions pointed to illegal immigration as a problem that creates even more problems for police officers in the field.

"The Department of Homeland Security released a report that more than one in five federal prisoners is foreign-born."

A group gathered outside protesting the attorney general's stance on illegal immigration.

The sisters of IHM along with other protestors gathered across the street from Lackawanna College as Attorney General Sessions spoke.

"We are very concerned as women religious, as citizens of the United States, of what is going on at our border. We believe in the dignity of life," said Sister Donna Corba, IHM.

Other protestors stood on the corners surrounding the college with signs reading "Scranton was built by immigrants."

The Sisters of IHM say immigrant children being torn from their parents by our government tears at their hearts.

"As human beings, that is just a natural reaction and it is unfair that these women and children are seeking asylum," Sister Ellen Maroney, IHM said.

Inside Lackawanna College, Sessions told the cadets training to be police officers that immigrants must follow laws in place before entering America.

"We are a great nation. We are the greatest in the history of the world and it is no surprise that people want to come here. We have the most generous laws in the world but these laws must be carried out," Sessions said.

But the Sisters of IHM disagree.

"As citizens of our country, that this is absolutely wrong and we are here to let our voices be heard."

The sisters hope those in office can figure out a new way to help families entering America without separating them.


  • Bob Calvey

    Your sign might be right but they were LEGAL immigrants who wanted to be Americans not just leech off of America and you people including the nuns and the rabbi know from being at the border that all those women and children are seeking asylum from violence in their country

    • J (@ds18301)

      There were no immigration laws as such when people entered the USA in the 19th and 20th century — the first use of passports was not until after WWI and were largely not required until after WWII. With few exceptions for illness and suspected “enemies”, the border was open. 99% of the people who came here in the 19th and 20th century would be “illegals” under today’s laws. As to “leeching off of America”, consider that undocumented workers paid 13 Billion dollars into Social Security an 2016 and won’t see one dime, they paid at last 10.6 Billion in state and local taxes and billions more in sales taxes. Sorry, there is no evidence for your statement — it is just Fox type rhetoric designed to create a false narrative. But Fox will change their tune as the EMPLOYERS who hire undocumented workers are going to hurt bad – and then you too as prices for everything including your food will soar. Worse (and ironically) we will become dependent on foreign countries for our food. Sad.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        The LEGAL immigrants that came here in the 19th and 20th centuries were required to come in through specific entry ports, namely Ellis Island on the East Coast and Angel Island on the West Coast. The border was not open, as you stated. They were identified, recorded, and examined, both physically and mentally (if the need was determined). Records of them entering America still exist to this day. Therefore, your claim of ‘99% of them would be illegal under today’s laws’ is disingenuous at best, as they were documented upon their arrival. That’s a huge difference between today’s border jumpers that come in wherever they can, unnoticed and totally illegal.
        The monies that are paid into Social Security by illegals are far outweighed by the costs of supporting them and their children for education, health care, and law enforcement – $135 billion a year – and there’s many illegals with fake birth certificates and S.S. numbers, which means their employers are paying for them and still making out because of the lower wages they’ll work for, thus undercutting jobs that American citizens could be holding. Many of them work for cash too, so they don’t pay anything into the system and we don’t even know who they are. There’s no pluses for American citizens any way you look at it. They need to be deported.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Manafort approached Trump and offered to work for nothing, hiding his shady financial dealings with Russians and Ukrainians (which were well before the campaign) from Trump, and even from his own family. As soon as Trump found out about them Manafort was fired from the campaign after only 6 months. These charges are all against Manafort’s past dealings and have nothing to do with “Russian collusion” with the campaign itself.

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