Former PTO Treasurer Sentenced for Theft

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- A woman will spend 60 days in jail for stealing money from a parent-teacher organization in Columbia County.

Kristi Duane of Bloomsburg was sentenced last week after pleading guilty to forgery charges.

Duane admitted to taking nearly $50,000 from the Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School PTO while she was treasurer beginning in 2013.

Investigators say over the course of five years, Duane wrote checks to herself and signed the PTO president's name.

Duane has repaid some of the money she took and must also serve 80 hours of community service.


  • George Lamprinos

    It took them five years to catch on to her. She forged the president’s signature. I know that’s a hard one to catch IF two signatures are required. But periodic audits should have alarmed someone. This would have been detected within four months if quarterly audits were done. And the loss would have been maybe hundreds of dollars rather than tens of thousands. The PTO must share some of the blame. They didn’t have proper accounting procedures in place. If they did she wouldn’t have gotten away with it for this long. Small businesses and volunteer organizations should keep just as close an eye on their funds as Fortune 500 companies. Maybe even more. Why wouldn’t they want a proper accounting of their funds?

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