Racing Fans Revved and Ready for Pocono Raceway Weekend

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POCONO RACEWAY -- Friday morning’s fog didn’t get racing super fans down. Plenty of people are ready to hear the engines roar at the Pocono Raceway on Friday night and through the weekend.

Eggs and bacon might be the only things frying on this foggy morning at the Pocono Raceway, but that doesn’t bother fans like Gene Saltz of New Jersey.

“When you have a good breakfast going it just doesn't make any difference,” Saltz said.

This is his first time camping out before the big race and he isn’t letting the showers get him down.

“Despite the weather, I'm just excited. I'll walk over to the fence and I'll see the races or maybe I'll go over to the grandstand,” Saltz said.

More than 100,000 people are going to fill the stadium seats this weekend, making the Pocono Raceway the third biggest city in the state for race weekend.

Superfan David Clark of Selinsgrove wanted to get a head start on all the action.

“Plan for today is to try to get as many autographs as we can and let the kids have some fun,” Clark said.

Even though the weather isn't great on this morning, fans' spirits can be lifted knowing that their tickets are guaranteed no matter what the weather is on Sunday.

"If for some reason you cannot attend the Pocono 400 or any of our Sunday races this season, say they're run on Monday. If you cannot attend on Monday, you have to be at work, take care of the kids, whatever the case may be, we will send you a check. No questions asked,” Pocono Raceway president Ben May said.

“We come every year so we plan it in advance. We're not going to let the rain ruin it, we take an extra day off of work in case we have to watch the race on Monday,” Charles Boswell of Pittston Township said.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen it, employees said watching the pit crews get the go-ahead to get to work is like nothing else.

“This is the beginning. This is it. When you watch that crowd just head filter in, yes.”

You can get in on all the fun Friday night and through the weekend.

Tickets are still on sale.

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