New Sculptures in Scranton Grab Attention

SCRANTON, Pa. -- There are 10 new sculptures on the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail near Olive Street in Scranton.

They have just been installed temporarily, and they are grabbing some attention.

"I think some of them are pretty good. When I first saw some of the first one that is just down there, I thought it was some kind of weird origami lamp, but going closer to it, it looked pretty good,” said Adam Henderson of Scranton.

The sculptures have been created by artists from all over the country from places like Missouri, Alabama, New York, and beyond.

They have been put here as part of an international cast iron art conference, being held in the Electric City.

"The blue one right there, I saw that while I was walking down. It's interesting. It's nice, but it's interesting,” said Ryle Hughes of Scranton.

"It kind of looks like a thing on a submarine, like you look up through it and you see stuff. It doesn’t really remind me of anything but that,” said Zymeir Jefferson of Scranton gesturing to a sculpture.

The folks with the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail say the sculptures are temporary, but they hope to buy some and keep them on the trail permanently.

For more information on the International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art, click here.

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