Police: Anonymous Letter Has Information on Barbara Miller Cold Case Murder Investigation

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SUNBURY, Pa. -- There's another twist in a well-known cold case in Northumberland County.

On Friday, the Sunbury police chief said his department received an anonymous letter in regards to the Barbara Miller murder investigation.

Now, he wants to know who sent it.

Sunbury Police say they received an envelope containing an anonymous letter addressed to Sunbury Police Chief Tim Miller, with the words “HURRY DELIVER ASAP” and “ATTN BARB MILLER CASE” written on the front.

Chief Miller then sent out a news release asking the person who wrote it to come forward saying, “You haven't told us anything that we don't know the answers to but are interested in hearing more of what you have to say.”

Chief Miller goes on to say this person is “desperate for police to make the connection to the Rickey [sic] Wolfe murder and the extensive drug trafficking revolving around the house in Milton."

“They're finally putting together the pieces that are, I've been saying all along that have been there,” said Scott Schaeffer, a friend of Miller’s.

Ricky Wolfe was killed in 1986, and in 1990, Schaeffer was convicted of first degree murder for his death.

Schaeffer got a new trial in 2006 and despite maintaining his innocence, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and was released from prison.

“17 years, I was in prison for 17 years. I've been home 11 years now this year,” said Schaeffer.

Police initially were investigating a home in Milton, which once belonged to the sister of Miller's ex-boyfriend, Joseph “Mike” Egan.

Then in August, police obtained a search warrant for Miller's home on Penn Street in Sunbury.

The search warrant for Barbara Miller's home was unsealed last month, and it shows that investigators do believe she most likely was killed inside her home.

Schaeffer believes Miller was killed because she knew who actually killed Wolfe.

She even told that to Schaeffer days before she went missing.

“I believe she knew everything that happened in the Ricky Wolfe case that she said. She left that message on my answering machine,” said Schaeffer. “She called and said if me and Billy didn't get out at the preliminary hearing that she was coming forward with information that would free us.”

The chief says he's heard from witnesses they believe Miller's disappearance was caused by an outlaw motorcycle gang and are afraid to come forward.

The chief says they have found no evidence of that, saying that is just rumors.

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