Troubled Skate Park to Re-Open in Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- The gates to this skate park in Stroudsburg have been locked since December.

A sign reading closed due to vandalism greets those who try to use it.

But soon, the park on Main Street will re-open.

"I think opening the skate park is a great decision. It lets the skaters come and enjoy this healthy activity," said Storm Heter, Stroudsburg.

This park has a history of vandalism problems and other safety issues.

Earlier this week, Stroudsburg Borough Council voted to re-open the park sometime this summer after repairs are made.

The other option was to turn it into a picnic area.

Skaters are happy this option was chosen.

"They were saying before they were going to shut it down for good so anything but that honestly would be great. Improvements are icing on the cake so that is awesome," said Andrew Tirado, Stroudsburg.

Officials say the reopening of the skate park near Stroudsburg High School is just a short-term fix until they can spruce up this skate park at Dansbury Park in East Stroudsburg.

"The overall goal eventually is to create a regional skate park. The area that we are looking at an considering would, of course, be here at Dansbury Park because we do have a larger skate park here and there is room possibly to expand upon that," said Sherry Acevedo, SROSRC Executive Director.

Storm Heter from Stroudsburg has been using this park while the other one is closed.

He says it's sad to see these parks get a bad name because of a few people.

"You know the skateboarders are really conscientious. They are the ones who put their passion into the park, clean up the park and then sometimes a few bad apples come and they have to close it down," said Heter.

The skate park in Stroudsburg is expected to re-open in the next two months, once some equipment fixes have been made.

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