Smoother Travels in the Electric City

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SCRANTON, Pa. --  When Walter Kalinowski saw that his street in Scranton's west side was being paved, he suspected there were certain forces at play.

"Don't forget, there's 35,000 people live in West Scranton. It's a big voting blocking in this area," said Kalinowski.

Politics or not, he's happy to see it.

"I bet we went through four tires, my wife and I. Just basically, even at night when you're going out and can't see that well, you hit a pothole, you get back, you got a problem, you got to go get tires. It looks like that's going to be all alleviated now," said Kalinowski.

Several streets in the St. Ann section of Scranton are milled now and ready for new pavement.

The paving on Bryn Mawr Street and throughout west Scranton is actually from last year's budget, federal funds that were released late. The good news though, the city of Scranton plans to spend as much money paving this year. So if you're still hoping to have your street paved, there's still a chance.

Connie Hosko's been waiting a long time for this.

"I'm here since 1967," said Hosko. "It's a good many years, a good many years.

She won't have to wait too much longer for her part of Bryn Mawr to be paved.

"Now it was really bad, it was really bad, all the streets, even Dartmouth Street. It was really rough down there," said Hosko.

The mayor says it's the city's largest paving effort in recent memory, an effort aimed in the city's neighborhoods. The paving season will continue this summer.

The mayor says he hasn't determined how many streets will be paved this year or where in the city they'll be. They are waiting to see how much federal money is given out this year.

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