Police: Man Leaves Baby with Toys R Us Employee and Leaves Store

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- City police said a man asked a Toys R Us employee to watch his baby for a moment on Wednesday evening, but he walked off and never came back.

“I can't believe someone can do that to their kids! Their own kids,” Shopper Vinay Kantheti of Kingston said.

Authorities said the man came into the store on Kidder Street around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday. He allegedly asked an employee to watch his baby and walked off.

Police describe the baby as an infant. It is now in the custody of the Luzerne County Children and Youth. Police have not said how old the child is or if it is a boy or a girl.

Police are still looking for that man. They have not released any information about whether they know who that man is, if he is from our area, or what he looks like.

Toys R Us employees did not want to talk to Newswatch 16 on camera but said they were upset all of this happened.

Shoppers said at least the baby was left in a public place where someone would do the right thing.

“It's better for the kid because if not this place, they could've left the kid somewhere else. So that's obviously dangerous for the kid. I'm glad it is in safe hands now,” Kantheti said.


    • DB Cooper

      It will likely depend on who the man was, what happened to the man, etc. If it’s his baby, then I’d assume child abandonment – unless he was immediately kidnapped on the way to strap in the car seat, or some other extreme circumstance to justify his not returning?

  • Brian Coates

    Why are you calling this guy a “Dad” or a “Father” after he did this? Hey, buddy, next time wear a condom.

  • ozzycoop

    The child is probably better off with child services than being at home apparently. How unfortunate.

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