Cashless Tolling Takes Effect on Turnpike in Lackawanna County

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- Cashless tolling is in effect on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Lackawanna County.

It impacts the Northeast Extension's final two interchanges: Clarks Summit and Keyser Avenue.

Cashless tolling began at midnight on Sunday, allowing drivers to pay without needing to stop at a tollbooth.

The turnpike commission will take a picture of your license plate and mail a bill to the vehicle's registered owner.

"For me, to go through a toll, a lot of people, they don't carry change or cash on them anymore. So it will probably be helpful for them. I think it's going to take a little bit to get used to because people are going to think that they're getting tickets in the mail but I think in the long run people will get used to it," said Kerri Lotterman of Elmhurst.

E-ZPass users will see a discounted rate.


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