Couple Celebrating 50th Anniversary Share Same Birthday, Birthplace

NORTHUMBERLAND, Pa. -- A couple from Northumberland are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary but it's not only the number of years that makes this duo stand out.

Rich and Barb Price have been married 50 years which is a long time, but the husband and wife have a lot in common. For starters, they share a birthday. They were also born at the same hospital.

The Prices relaxed outside their camper at Central PA Wesleyan Campground in New Columbia. The couple from Northumberland spend most of their weekends there but this weekend is special. It's their 50th wedding anniversary. They started dating when they were 16.

"I'll take her out and see what happens. I think we went on a motorcycle ride," Rich recalled. "We did go on a motorcycle ride. I got off and burned my leg."

But these high school sweethearts soon found out they had more in common besides their love for each other. The two share a birthday.

"December 5, 1949," Barb said.

"Rich and Barb were also both born at the same hospital -- Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. They were born only a few hours apart.

"We found out a little bit later after we discovered that we had the same birthday and the same year, that our mothers were actually in a four-bedroom ward together," Rich said.

Rich and Barb's parents bowled together but these two did not meet until they were students at Shikellamy High School in Sunbury.

"We just felt it was divine, a divine thing," Rich said.

The couple enjoy telling their story to friends and strangers, although sometimes people don't believe them.

"There's always a question of, 'really?' or, 'are you making a mistake?'"

"We praise God for what he has done in our marriage. You're going to make me cry. We have three children and many grandchildren," Barb said.

Another interesting part of this story is there were four beds on the maternity unit when Rich and Barb were born. A few years ago, the couple met a man from Mifflinburg who was baby number three.