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Search Warrant Unsealed in Barbara Miller Case

SUNBURY, Pa. -- It's been almost a year since police reopened the 1989 cold case homicide of Sunbury resident Barbara Miller.

This week, a warrant was unsealed from a search last summer.

Barbara Miller disappeared in 1989, and her body was never found.

Now, an unsealed search warrant shows that police believe she was killed inside her house in Sunbury after returning home from a wedding.

It was quiet outside the double-block house along Penn Street in Sunbury on Wednesday, but a few months ago, there was a lot of police activity there.

Until recently, the only thing police would say about the search was that it was connected to the cold case homicide investigation involving Barbara Miller.

Miller has been missing for almost 29 years and was declared dead in 2002. Her body has never been found.

According to the warrant, police believe Miller was killed in June of 1989 after returning home from a wedding. A confidential source told officers he saw flowers on Miller's kitchen table and a mop and a bucket nearby. That warrant allowed police to remove the steps from the house on Penn Street. The steps showed evidence of hair and blood.

Other court documents have identified Joseph Egan, also known as Mike Egan, as a suspect in Miller's death. Egan is a former Sunbury police officer and Miller's ex-boyfriend. He has denied any involvement in Miller's death.

Sunbury police reopened the cold case about a year ago. A tip led investigators to spend close to a week digging in the basement area of a property in North Front Street in Milton. They took away a concrete wall but haven't said what, if anything, they found.

Evidence from the homes in both Sunbury and Milton has been sent to a crime lab. So far, there have been no arrests.

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  • Bill Knarck

    I’d still like to know why Chief Miller is so gung-ho about solving this case. There are multiple unsolved murders in Williamsport. He was chief of police in Williamsport for years. And he sure wasn’t this gung-ho about solving them.

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