And Joe Snedeker’s Newest “Jug Head” Is…

MOOSIC, Pa. -- The cardboard box has been opened. The bubble wrap has been unwrapped. And the much-anticipated reveal has taken place!

Joe Snedeker unveiled his newest "jug head" Thursday morning, and it's fantastic!

(drum roll) The latest ceramic likeness of a Newswatch 16 personality is... Jon Meyer!

Jon's jug head will now join those of Tom Williams, Mindi Ramsey, Kurt Aaron and others.

Side note -  Joe's jug head is currently missing.  We will update you on the search.


  • sick-of-fake-news

    Just heard Noreen is retiring–just like her husband. Tom Clark. WNEP should have done all they could to keep them both.These regulars become fixtures and anchors (in the truest sense of the word) in our lives–as in constants we can count on being there to see a familiar face and hear a familiar voice. It’s disconcerting when they just replace them (or try to) like cogs in a machine. Real life doesn’t work like that. You can’t swap out a familiar face for a newbie and expect viewers not to notice or care. We do. At least I do. Noreen has been a part of my weekend routine for years. Sad news indeed. I wish her and Tom well. I wish they both were still there. Bad move WNEP.

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