Local Syrian Refugees Watching Situation Back Home

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KINGSTON, Pa. -- Two Syrian refugees, cousins now living in Kingston, are not bothered by President Donald Trump's tweets concerning the situation in Syria. It's their hope that the president can bring more awareness to how bad the situation is in their home country and help oust Syria's current president.

Mohamed Mandou of Kingston became emotional when thinking about his family back in Syria. The condition of his home country has gotten progressively worse during a time of war.

Syria is in the news again because of a recent alleged chemical weapons attack. That prompted President Trump to send out the tweet that's getting all the attention.

Mandou and his cousin Anes Allouz who are both Syrian refugees say Pres. Trump was referencing Syrian President Bashar Assad. They say Trump's tweet doesn't bother them at all, because it puts heat on Syria's current leader, who the two men despise.

"I don't like that he's our president," said Allouz. "Just because of that, they stole my house and they kicked me out of Syria. That does not make sense. And I can't go back. They will kill me if I go back. I can't go back to my country."

Mandou tells us that seeing the innocent victims suffer because of a chemical weapons attack was extremely hurtful.

"He's really upset because the Syrian people that got killed, all of them were children and woman and they did nothing. All of them were staying in the house sleeping and they got killed for nothing," Mandou said.

Allouz adds that he'll never go back to Syria unless the government leadership changes.

"I'll never go back to Syria if Bashar Al Assad is there because if I go back, he will kill me."

Mandou and Allouz add that they have multiple family members still in Syria. They think about their safety nonstop and are thankful for the freedoms they've been granted in America.


  • Shifty Biscuits

    Nothing makes me more disgusted than to watch battle capable males (turn refugee) leaving women, children, and the elderly behind! Return to the motherland and fight for your family’s freedom! Definitely the true definition of a coward.

      • Shifty Biscuits

        Foot- Like I’ve said to you before, I do not support Trump’s dodge drafting but I do support him as OUR President. My father is a Vietnam vet, dodge drafters probably tweak me more than it does most people. But as far as Trump, at least he didn’t go refugee and become a burden on a foreign nation.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        A medical deferment is not draft dodging. You’ll have to go back to Bill Clinton, who actually went to Canada, for that.

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