Entertainment Village Coming to the Poconos

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A huge new entertainment attraction coming to the Poconos promises to bring five million visitors to our area.

That large multi-million-dollar project is expected to come to the Poconos in 2021.

Tobyhanna Township announced plans Wednesday for the new entertainment village.

This is a $350 million project that promises to bring an aquarium and several other shops to the Poconos.

The township manager says the project is the largest of its kind in North America right now.

Tobyhanna Township announced a new entertainment village to be built on land near the Kalahari Resort in the Mount Pocono area.

It will be named Pocono Springs.

"We're creating a village atmosphere that has national destination entertainment venues -- everything from aquariums to entertainment, dining, shopping, movie theatres," said Tobyhanna Township manager John Jablowski.

The project developer -- Alberta Development Partners out of Colorado --would not say which shops and other amenities would be coming to the area, but the company says that the creation of the entertainment village would bring 2,000 construction jobs and 1,200 permanent positions.

The project is expected to be nearly 600,000 square feet.

"There are other projects out there that are already completed, but right now underway, this will be one of the largest in North America," Jablowski said.

In addition to the jobs that Pocono Springs will bring, it is also expected to bring 5 million more visitors to the Poconos each year.

"When you do a project like this, it improves your infrastructure. We haven't had any new roads in a long time. (Route) 940 is tired. With this project, we're going to see a 940 that is second to none," said State Senator Mario Scavello, (R) 40th District.

"We're creating quality of life. We're creating an atmosphere where folks that live here, that work here, that choose to visit here, really feel that experience and place and that place is called the Poconos," Jablowski added.

Construction will begin next May and is expected to be completed in 2021.

The Tobyhanna Township manager says the project is being paid for by private funds and will not cost taxpayers anything.


  • Sean Christian Homes

    Only in Pa do people whine and complain about an entertainment complex being built. You are now against min. pay jobs or higher? How would you like NONE? You want no jobs, good idea democrats, nice idea there.. really good.
    You do know min. wage or higher jobs are meant for kids and people supplementing part time? Democrats want McDonalds and other places to be full out career… And of course, democrats never create jobs, they just hand it out and buy from China. All these complainers have an alternative plan? Democrats? Any ideas or just complaints as usual?
    Democrats, the party of the illegal immigration … They can’t even enforce the border and honor the people waitingin line legally. These are the people who want to weigh in on an issue.
    No credibility… Reform welfare, create jobs, create business and buy American. All of that is a foreign language to democrats..

  • Anthony Lombardy (@apl442)

    With all of these new businesses being built in the Poconos, when will PennDOT & officials restore the travel lanes that have been eliminated for unjustifiable reasons. Routes 940 and 611 traveling into and throughout the Mount Pocono area have both lost travel lanes for ill-conceived reasons and purposes. Also, why is PennDOT adding travel lanes to I-80 in the Stroudsburg area, when I-80 becomes congested from Route 33 to I-380? It also time to adjust the speed limits to reasonable and safe speeds on these roadways, not the current speed limits that were almost all reduced an even 10-mph on every section even though PennDOT supposedly performed engineering and traffic studies. I-80 also needs to have the speed limit west of Stroudsburg adjusted to a safe and reasonable speed limit – the current speed limit was set back in 1973 to conform with the National 55-MPH Speed Limit law – which had nothing to do with safety, only fuel savings during the gasoline shortage during that time. PennDOT also needs to restore the designated passing zones that are being eliminated whenever lane markings are repainted. This inconceivable practice is resulting in an increase of illegal passing due to the lack of designated safe passing zones.

  • J (@ds18301)

    What a disaster. More poverty-level minimum wage “jobs” WHILE THE PROFITS GO OUT OF STATE. As noted the infrastructure (not just traffic but police, fire, water sewage etc) will be over-tasked AT THE EXPENSE OF THE LOCAL TAXPAYERS. No surprise to see Scavello’s name here –would love to see how how much Scavello is getting in this sweetheart deal under the table. Keep voting GOP folks — vote against your own interests — this is what you get. Tourism kills any area that depends on it, impoverishes the local area and enriches the rich (who take the $ out of the area). The Poconos and Atlantic City are textbook examples.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      So, you know how much these 1,200 jobs will be paying? How about the TAXES that will be collected from the park to pay for the infrastructure services to be provided by the area, and THENSOME? Plus, when people come to visit the park the local businesses prosper too, as they’ll be patronized by the park goers. Yeah, you’re just another bitter Democrat that’s jealous of Republican policies to bring jobs and keep people working and self-sufficient instead of being on the government teat, forcing them to vote Democrat so they can get ‘pay raises’ every year.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    I couldn’t help but notice the fine gentleman in the picture walking his Labrador retriever. Now let’s say what it will really look like….. Dozens of out of control hoodrats walking their Pitbulls and Rottweilers.

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