Paterno Family Issues Statement Ahead of HBO Film’s Premiere

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The Paterno family is speaking out as HBO debuts a film tackling the Penn State sex abuse scandal.

"Paterno" debuted Saturday night on HBO. The movie's trailer leads viewers to believe Joe Paterno knew more about the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal than he let on.

In a statement, Paterno's family said:

"The HBO movie regarding Joe Paterno is a fictionalized portrayal of the tragic events surrounding Jerry Sandusky's crimes. Numerous scenes, events and dialogue bear no resemblance to what actually transpired."

Oscar winner Al Pacino plays Paterno in the film.

"Paterno" is also available for streaming on HBO.


  • Jack Irvin

    Seems everyone posting here is privileged in knowing first hand everything that happened in Happy Valley, why did you not step up and speak when this was happening? or are you just repeating what the media told you?, that would be considered gossip

  • Bill Knarck

    The Paterno family wants to order about 5,000 gallons of whitewash to hide all Joe’s sins. And just like others said before me, the football cult is strong in Happy Valley. Shame the kids in happy valley weren’t all that happy with monsters like these pedos looking over them. And Pappa Joe to protect them all. Hope they’re all roasting in hell. Yes, I have my sins too. But they didn’t physically hurt and mentally scar kids for the rest of their lives.

  • ozzycoop

    He knew and did nothing. “Oh he went to the board”. What about the police? What about throwing Sandusky out on his face? Paterno ruled that football program, if he wanted Sandusky gone he would have been gone. Instead he coached along side him and spent holidays with him and his family.

  • Matt Lawton

    Yes, YES. Let the football religion blind you to the heinous crimes that went on in that organization. Party before country. Ideology before rightousness. Football before kids. It’s the American way!

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