Hitting the Road for the Easter Weekend

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Plenty of people are hitting the road for the holiday weekend. Drivers on Interstate 80 near Danville could be heading just about anywhere.

PennDOT is asking drivers to be safe and patient this weekend. The state expects there will be more traffic on the road during the holiday.

"There are more cars than I expected, but we are doing pretty good," said Gary Bowers of Punxsutawney.

"It wasn't too bad. I was surprised. I thought we were going to hit more traffic than we did," said Teri Davis of Ohio.

Davis and her mother are traveling from Ohio to Saint Clair in Schuylkill County to visit family for Easter.

"We've traveled all the time on holidays. We call it coming home. We absolutely love it," Davis said.

Teri and her mom started their trip early in the day in hopes of getting a head start on the holiday.

"Today I am going to get blini because no one in Ohio knows what a blini is. I say, latke and they say yeah, but it's not the same," added Davis.

While many people tell Newswatch 16 they are out traveling for the holiday, a few tell us they have other reason to be out on the road.

Kenneth Emery and his family from Williamsport are making a special delivery. Puppies Diesel, Creed, and Dobby are headed to their new homes.

"We're headed to White Haven today to make a delivery of our Great Dane pups," Emery said.

As for his weekend plans, Emery had this to say.

"Oh, I'm staying home this weekend. I work all the time, and I took this weekend off, so it's family time."