Easter Flower Tents Popping Up

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ST. CLAIR, Pa. -- Flower tents are popping up throughout our area as folks are preparing for Easter.

A little over a decade ago, Sherry Dorrell and her family saw an ad about running a flower tent in the paper. They run the tent near St. Clair during the spring, starting just in time to sell Easter flowers.

"I love it. I love working with the flowers. The people are so nice. I just enjoy it," said flower tent manager Sheri Dorrell.

The family just set up shop for the season. Their full shipment of flowers isn't in yet, but they're committed to selling them even on a cold a rainy day.

"I like Easter when it's warmer," Dorrell laughed.

Even on this dreary day, Newswatch 16 found lots of people coming to pick up flowers.

"I'm here to pick up flowers for my mom for Easter," said Lisa Vernalis of Shenandoah.

The customers say they know spring is right around the corner when the flower tent pops up.

"Easter's spring. It's flowers. That's it," said Carol Barlow of Fountain Springs.

One of the workers has a reason of her own for selling the flowers.

"I do it because my dad used to love flowers, so I do it for him," Carrie Fort said.

Her father, who passed away a year ago, used to sell them at the tent with her, too.

"Some days are better than others. Like some days I have my days where I wish my dad was here to help and stuff but other than that, I love it."

And as the spring season continues, the family will continue to look forward to all of the customer's they'll serve.

Their tent will stay open until the end of June.

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