Parking Policy Changes at The Marketplace at Steamtown

SCRANTON, P.a. -- A change in procedure is coming for people who use the Marketplace at Steamtown in downtown Scranton.

Management is trying to cut down on people who take unfair advantage of free parking.

The mall owner and the company hired to run the parking garage have the goal of cracking down on people who park for free in the garageĀ but don't use the marketplace.

The new policy is set to take effect Monday, March 26.

Shoppers will need to take a ticket when you enter the garage and then get the ticket validated at one of the businesses inside.

A validation station is also set up inside the common area of the marketplace near the first-floor elevator.

Parking will still be free up to three hours. Beyond that, and you'll have to pay the same rates as other parking garages in the city.

If you intend to be in and out of the marketplace in less than thirty minutes, no validation is necessary.

There was some confusion last week, the garage operator says the meter starts running after three hours. The mall owner disagreed.

In response to a question posted on Facebook, the mall operator responded: "If you are a mall patron you will be taken care of no matter how long you are in the facility."

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