Superintendent Says Students Are Armed with Rocks In Case of a School Shooting

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. -- There’s a rocky controversy when it comes to school safety in Schuylkill County.


  • troutlover

    I know where the superintendent can get a ‘WHOLE HEAD FULL OF ROCKS”!! He must shake them rocks in his head every morning when he is brushing his teeth!

    • Shifty Biscuits

      ANSWER: The kid hiding under the desk. That would be the “easy” kill. I’m a deer hunter. When I kill a deer a shoot the one that isn’t moving. It’s “easier.” Anymore questions? Your welcome.

      • Dillinger Rose

        You don’t shoot the deer you don’t see. You shoot the one out in the open.

        The kid throwing rocks is the one out in the open.

        And this isn’t anything at all like shooting deer. This isn’t like hunting any game. This is being hunted. When was the last time a deer hunted you with a gun?

      • T.J. Roth

        Have you lost your mind?? You are going to look for a target when you have one standing in front of you? Not only standing in front of you but chucking rocks at you? What kind of mental frame are these scared kids going to be in to think throwing rocks at a gunman might be something they would want to do instead of hiding? The IQ of this guy is somewhere lower than cool whip.

      • d0ct0rj

        It’s impossible to believe that you are a hunter or a gun user. If you’re hunting and you see a stationary deer and a bear who is attacking you, you’d shoot the bear. If not, the bear ought to win so as to remove your genes from the human pool…

      • Halo Gen (@Halogen5317)

        Hey idiot, when you’re out hunting and you come across a pack of wolves, do you shoot the one laying down ignoring you or the one running towards you snarling? Please sell your guns you aren’t likely to be able to defend yourself anyway.

      • borntobepolitical

        Just stop and picture what you are proposing.

        An 11 year old girl or boy is witnessing his or her friends being slaughtered and they will have the presence of mind and the time to organize a firing squad to attack a gun toting maniac.

        Only in Bedrock with Barney and Fred would your plan work

    • Mike Malinics

      I think you’re missing the point. they are not provided so a single kid can throw them, the tactic is designed for ALL the kids in the classroom to defend themselves. Try to aim and shoot at a target while being pelted with rocks from all different directions. Would you rather have teachers and students huddle in a corner waiting to be slaughtered?

      • stpaulchuck

        after the shooter blows away one or two the rest will try to run for it dropping their rocks along the way… and get mowed down from behind

      • Ron Bentley

        mike malinics – anti arm the teach folks say – give the teachers training and a gun ? Thats crazy, teachers will miss, hit kids, everyone will be terrified, it will never work ! But I guess arming them with rocks will give them more courage ? A swarm of bee’s you believe ? Yeah, you dont know what the hell your talking about !

      • borntobepolitical

        Just stop and picture what you are proposing.

        An 11 year old girl or boy is witnessing his or her friends being slaughtered and they will have the presence of mind and the time to organize a firing squad to attack a gun toting maniac.


    • Kenneth Mooney

      Okay “Shifty”, you first. The kid throwing the rocks ain’t moving either because the shooter picked him off before he got to the closet, he’s lying on the floor blocking the door so the other kids can’t get to the rocks. And you must keep in mind, these are not seasoned combat veterans here they are children, and as soon as they see one of their friends blown away in front of their eyes, ain’t no one headed for more rocks. I guess that covers both questions. Now for my own comment. Now that you have warned a potential shooter, a good helmet, and body armor, they can throw all the rocks they can get to, which as I have mentioned, they have to move Freddie first.

  • Dan Bechtel

    Because throwing rocks at people with guns worked for the Palestinians against the Israelis.

    I thought this was a story from the Onion at first. Its reminiscent of the “duck and cover in case of a direct nuclear blast” plan.

    At least the kids and staff FEEL like they’re going to be safe. Perception is better than reality.

    Curious though… do these teachers need to attend rock throwing seminars and training? Would it count for their CE credits?

  • CCAZ

    When educators wonder why school bonds and raises and tax increases fail I always point them to articles like this. I refuse to vote YES to any of them to continue funding lunacy and indoctrination.

  • Ava Hisaki

    Rocks thrown by children’s hands vs. bullets fired at supersonic speeds in quick succession. Who would win?

    Seriously, what is wrong with the superintendent?

  • Shifty Biscuits

    It would be great to depend on law enforcement but we can’t. Just look at the Florida school shooting. The cops are either too scared to go into the building or like last week, sleeping in their car while providing security. I’d prefer a bucket of river rocks any day over a cop who can’t be depended on. Rocks don’t get scared nor do they sleep!

    • Erin Peters

      Tje school police dept was based on premises and skilled with the tools to handle situations at a school level, specialized outside their police training. I went to a large school that was in a metropolitan area, more crime. The system worked! As a LE family, with gun permits, I’d would participate in any program that was made available on a volunteer basis as well.

    • Chris Wilson

      No, rocks don’t get scared, but, just like a gun, it takes a hand to operate them. The person controlling the hand does get scared. And since rocks cannot be thrown a 1300 feet per second, advantage to the shooter…ESPECIALLY when the when the students have to make their way to the rocks in order to use them, which basically gathers many of them in ONE location in the classroom…exactly what a shooter is looking for. This results in more casualties….

      This is THE textbook definition of bringing a rock to a gunfight…it’s a stupid, symbolism over substance, feel good idea and nothing more.

      • Shifty Biscuits

        30 kids pelting a student in the small area of a classroom will take down the shooter. We aren’t talking a large area here. You ever have a nest full of bees/wasps attack you? You’re big and mighty with that can of Raid but those pesky little critters defeated you huh? Yup, they sure did!

  • Erin Peters

    Are you kiddinge? This “educator” is seriously recommending engagement with an active shooter by means of river rocks? Stick to implemented safety plans until the state allows for massive renovations of schools. Create a fortress for our children, the future, let’s take our time legislators ugh. I can walk right into my son’s school! Where I grew up there was a fulltime police officer at each school. With the ridiculous taxes I pay, that should be feasible

  • Anne Emerson

    AS President Obama once say of Republicans: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” New we know if they bring a gun, we should bring a rock (like Charlie Brown at Halloween)

  • Jack Irvin

    This sounds silly, but he is the only one I have heard of that gives the children any way of protecting themselves. Most schools will not allow children the ability to protect themselves, or allow anyone else to protect them. Schools are very vulnerable, easy targets

  • Jackie Burczyk

    Arm the teachers with Tasers they are not complicated to use and because we have had threats of shootings and shootings they should start teaching our students how to stay alive. It doesn’t frighten kids they want to know. Stop being stupid about preventive measures. Also if a student is expelled from school for violent behavior it should be made a law that they need to be put in an mental hospital for 30 days so that it is safe for the public and the school. Wake up and allow your kids to lean how to defend themselves..its a good thing they need to know for future things in life. Back in the bible times a stoneing was a really gruesome way to die and its painful as hell and if our kids have a weapon to fight back so be it. I support that fully.

    • DB Cooper

      Yeah, you’re right. He should do nothing and have no plan. That’s been super effective these past many years. Get a grip! Rather than waiting through this stalemate atmosphere for some change, he’s putting a plan in place. What plan do you have that can be legally instituted tomorrow?

  • Mike Malinics

    ALICE is far superior over the “Lock down, Huddle & Hide” tactic. Weatherly SD has instituted ALICE last year with the help of Weatherly PD. As a parent and concerned citizen, I fully support this. Way to go Blue Mountain SD!

  • tentative77562308

    Students in the rest of the developed world are at the cutting edge of science, technology, etc. and rarely have to confront a gunman. Meanwhile, here in the USA we lag behind while we try to protect ourselves with rocks. The culture over the last 50 years has seen standards become weaker to accommodate an influx of intellectually inferior and much more violent individuals.

    • Emma Hogg

      Kids shouldn’t be taking part in any violence, but they do. So, instead of raising up a bunch of cowering, terrified sheep waiting for their shepherd to step in, Dr. Helsel decided to “arm” everyone within the guidelines of the law.

  • Kenneth L Ketchum

    let he that is without sin, cast, cast a net, player? i can’t remember the other particle or something man, see, this is what happens when you get stoned in high, on the high, something, where am i?

  • Jamie Jones

    Really… so don’t bring a knife to a gun fight but bring rocks?!?! Good to know. Plus a person with a gun, yes definitely a great idea to run towards them. Smart. But like others said at least its something, I guess. Suppose its outside when they go out for gym class, or recess, or fire drill… I guess theres rocks outside too though. How far can you throw a rock? How far does a bullet go? Keep the ideas coming, don’t give up because you think rocks is the answer, it is not.

  • Rusty Knyffe

    Well……I have to give the fellow props for coming up with that idea. Like Jeff mentioned, below, the concept of self defense is priceless and putting into practice is just the same. Running and hiding might save some lives, but it won’t stop someone from doing something evil and I just think back to that one flight that had been hijacked that dove into a field in PA after the passengers decided that they were not going down without a fight. Yeah, they lost that fight, but they didn’t go quietly and they proved that total strangers can work together in a crisis situation. God bless them all, right?

    Terrorism is something that we need to understand. It’s an event that renders everyday tasks into the possibility of violence. Talk to people from war-torn nations about it, and that’s what’s happening in our own country, now. It doesn’t have to be rooted in some idealistic fanaticism – domestic terrorism is just as damaging. So, there has to be a public response that doesn’t demand that someone else **do something** to stop it. The gubmint cannot stop someone with an intent of malice no matter how many laws are in place.

    So, good for Dr. Helsel. It’s a giant leap in the right direction.

    • ozzycoop

      So you are saying if our children are going to get their faces shot off then they should pull their pants up and charge in and die like men? Such a noble heroic thought but not a solution to insane Republicans with guns shooting up or schools.

      • silverfishimperetrix

        “Insane Republicans”? How do you know? Know any of them personally? Most of these killers are almost always left-leaning at the least, Democrats at the worst.

      • DB Cooper

        I understand where you’re coming from, but gun control will not go anywhere anytime soon for the same reason it hasn’t gone anywhere in the last ten years – it’s hard to strike a constitutional amendment. Whether or not you agree with the 2nd amendment is irrelevant. What matters is that it would take two thirds of congress to agree, among other things that will never, ever happen on this issue.
        That means people need to get creative on this issue. Which means this is only the beginning of a wave of solutions similar to this – you just watch.
        Gun control is a non-starter. People are blinded on this issue for the time being, mouths foaming over gun control, protractors and detractors – what we really need is some old fashioned American ingenuity to solve this long term problem with some creative long term solutions, starting with this man’s, which can be easily, quickly, and legally, implemented – and at minimal taxpayer expense.
        To cry for gun control upon every school shooting will be to cry for eternity – an exercise in perpetual delusion in which we all imagine a perfect world.

  • Shifty Biscuits

    This is a better idea than being told to hide under the desk like a coward. Throw rocks, chairs, charge the shooter in numbers, whatever it takes.! Don’t tell the kids to hide there like fish in a barrel.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    Well, at least the school officials understand the basic concept of self defense.
    Now to get the thinking out of the stone age…

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