Schuylkill County Prepares for Winter Storm on First Day of Spring

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. -- Hardware stores in Schuylkill County prepared for snow in the forecast this week.

M&S Hardware in Tamaqua is preparing to sell cold-weather supplies like shovels and ice melt for the upcoming winter storm. However, the owner, Todd Miller, said he's not getting the normal rush he usually sees for a snow storm since this one is coming right after the first day of spring.

"I also think it's getting to the end of the season and people are kind of getting sick of this and don't really want to spend any money on it if they don't have to," Miller said.

He calls this time of year a transitional period for his store.

"Today is the first day of spring, so we have spring but we also have snow shovels out," Miller said.

He may keep the shovels around, but most of the store is filled with gardening supplies.

Customers at M&S said they're not too bothered by this late in the season snow.

"It seems normal," Bob Sparks of Slatington said. "It's a spring snow. What's wrong with that?"

Newswatch 16 also checked in at Trail Gardens. Their greenhouse is packed with signs of spring. The owner there said that the late snow does affect his business this time of year.

"It does a little bit every year, but typically our last frost date isn't until the middle of May anyway," Trail Gardens General Manager Phil Keil said. "So, in March, this is par for the course."

He, like many others we spoke with, said they don't expect whatever snow does fall to stick around long.

"It's coming a little late, but it won't last long," Keil said. "The sun's getting high in the sky. The temperatures are pretty moderate. The nights aren't getting real cold, so it will be gone in a day or two."

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