Man Wearing Spiderman Mask Accused of Threat



FACTORYVILLE, Pa. — A man is locked up in Wyoming County for pointing a gun at a community center.

Brian Peterson, 18, is charged with terroristic threats, risking catastrophe, and other counts.

State police say someone reported seeing a man wearing a Spiderman mask and riding a bicycle point a gun at a community center in Factoryville on Saturday.

Troopers found Peterson with the Spiderman mask and an air pistol.

Investigators say Peterson had made a threat against the center in Wyoming County in the past.


  • Keri DeRogatis

    He has autism and is still a student in high school. You should NOT be printing this; he is just a kid!

      • Shifty Biscuits

        And just how do you turn a air pistol into a real one pretty quickly? And he can do so because the NRA is in power? Are you just simply retarded or what? And I thought I posted stupid sh#t!

      • Kurt Aarons emotionally scarred sweater vest

        Another typical gun grabbing liberal talking about things they don’t understand; and they wonder why gun owners get upset when they want to “compromise”

      • Rusty Knyffe

        Go take your latte-sipping, soy-eating, legging-wearing, hipster self on to the bookstore and read some things that will clarify psychology, the origin of the NRA, and your Rights as an American citizen.

        If you are terrified, educate yourselves so that you aren’t. Otherwise, if you don’t like it in this nation, head on off to South Africa, Afghanistan, Beijing, Taiwan, or the Republic of Congo. Please. I’ll help you pack your little things.

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