Back to School in Pike County, Some Still in the Dark

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WESTFALL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's been a while since classrooms at Delaware Valley School District near Matamoras have been filled with students and teachers after two winter storms with heavy snow and winds forced the school to shut down for a total of six days.

It's the longest in weather-related history, according to the Superintendent John Bell.

"We lost four days during (Hurricane) Sandy, we lost four days during Hurricane Irene a few years prior to that, but we have never gone into two different weeks where we had consecutive snow days because of a storm. It was just incredible," said Bell.

The superintendent says, for the most part, things are inching back to normal.

Some homes are still without power in Pike County, but the district is working with parents of students who might not be able to make it to class.

"Whenever they come back, just send a note. 'We were without power from here to whenever, please excuse my son or daughter.' But by the end of this week, they will have to come up with a plan that, OK, if we don't have power at home, I still gotta get the kids back to school so what is Plan B? But they have this whole week to figure that out," said Bell.

In the Dingman Township area, a few dozen homes are still without power as utility crews continue to work around all the downed poles and trees.

"Total devastation. Driving under trees, over wires, just to stay warm," said Kevin Bauccio, Dingman Township.

Some residents, like Frank Alpers, just had power turned back on within the last 24 hours. But he still has a lot of work ahead of him.

"It's very difficult to live without power. We had to melt the snow for water to flush the toilets. It was how we were surviving," said Alpers.

Just like schools in Monroe County, Delaware Valley is also working to make up snow days.

The superintendent says they are taking away two days from spring break, which is wrapped around the Easter holiday, and two days at the end of the year.

Graduation is still scheduled for Friday, June 15 for Delaware Valley High School seniors.

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