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Restrictions on Weapons at Stroudsburg Sporting Goods Store

STROUDSBURG -- An independent sporting goods store in the Poconos has joined the list of businesses banning sales of semi-automatic rifles to those under 21.

In what the owner calls a personal decision, Dunkelberger's Sports Outfitters has banned the sale of those weapons to people under 21.

"I think that is very good. We have to start someplace. It's a start and I think that is very good," said Antoinette Dunn of Stroudsburg.

The change comes just a few weeks after the mass shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida.

The owner of the store did not want to talk on camera, but he did tell Newswatch 16 the decision was personal and a choice he made in light of recent events.

"We have had a lot of school shootings. I am a teacher and it really bothers me. I personally own a gun and I believe in the right to bear arms but I don't think we need assault rifles," Shane Mazzetti of Stroudsburg said.

Dunkelberger's joins the list of major retailers like Walmart and Dick's Sporting goods To ban the sale of these weapons to those under 21.

Mazzetti believes this is a step in the right direction.

"I think it is good that we are making moves without the government making moves. People need to take it upon themselves to change and make change."

While some people believe raising the age to buy a semi-automatic rifle to 21 is a good start, some others aren't as receptive.

"It's a tough subject. It really isn't about guns, it's about the human that has the gun. Can you really control that human being? It's not about the gun. It's about the person," said Matthew Gallagher of East Stroudsburg.

The new rule has been in place at Dunkelberger's for almost two weeks.


  • Truth Hurtsxxxxxxxxxx (@TruthHurts10x)

    Already boycotting both his businesses as well as his shooting range. Jerry is going to learn that when you piss on the 2nd Amendment there are repercussions. For him to even kneel down to political correctness only tells me in reality that Jerry is in it for the money and doesn’t give a rats ass about gun rights.

    But in the end it works out well because there are many other mom & pop stores that will be selling these look alike weapons to ADULTS 18-20 yrs of age with out issue who know what “Shall not be infringed” means.
    After several calls to other sporting goods stores in the area not one shop agreed with what Dunklebergers was doing nor will they refuse to sell a look alike weapon to a ADULT of 18-to 20 yrs of age. That is because they understand what shall not be infringed means.

    I urge others to boycott Dunklebergers and the Pocono pistol range which Jerry owns and put them all out of business

  • Christopher William

    So I suppose if the next shooter happens to be black they will refuse to sell to African Americans? A girl brought a gun to school in California. Let’s not sell to women too, right?
    Discrimination is discrimination.

  • 2a733327150

    Someone is advertising for a lawsuit! It’s a violation of the PA public accommodations laws to discriminate based on age. Ask the cake bakers how that went with turning customers away. If you’re feelings are hurt that you may be selling dangerous goods, then get out of the gun business moron. Don’t use snowflake illegal political discrimination failed retail policy to clean your convictions as a gunshop owner. Like we don’t all know adults who aren’t responsible over 21…..

  • My Foot

    Loud Applause for their Courage!! We should listen to the common sense spoken by the Parkland children.

  • Mike Magnotta

    So I’m guessing they are not selling semi auto pistols either, because they fire at the same rate of speed as an AR-15? SNOWFLAKES!!!! BOYCOTT ALL THESE STORES!!!

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